Monday 11 December 2017

Camogie needs to get on the ball in marketing stakes


THE INTENTION this week was to talk about the lighter side of the Wexford camogie success. To flag up some of the interesting and amusing tweets that have came about since last Sunday week's third consecutive championship success.

Maybe 'Trending' would have discussed Dermot O'Leary's (@ radioleary) congratulatory tweet of 'Congrats to the Wexford Girls proud of you', or maybe talked about the Wexfordborn Irish teacher who showed her class the video of the match a few days later, or maybe it would have considered the possibility that Wexford star Stacey Redmond (pictured) and 'Twilight' actress Kristen Stewart are indeed the same person. Who knows?

Instead one seemingly innocuous tweet really stuck in the craw, one simple six-word teenage yearning. 'Really want a Wexford camogie jersey' tweeted Aisling Atkins (@ Aisling_atkins). Aisling describes herself as a 14-yearold girl from Kilkenny. Those are two vital pieces of information.

You see, this team is not only an inspiration to the young camogie players of Wexford, but a Megan in Mayo wants to be Katrina Parrock, a Kayleigh in Clare wants to be Ursula Jacob, a Donna in Dublin wants to be Deirdre Codd, maybe Aisling wants to be one of her heroines too.

Unfortunately, Aisling may be wishing for a spanking new Wexford camogie jersey under her Christmas tree, or she might just want to spend her pocket money on one now, but it's unlikely she'll be able to find one though. Try find one for sale online, you won't succeed. You'd be hard enough pressed to find one in this county, never mind outside.

There is no facility for Aisling to buy one on the Wexford camogie website, or even an invitation to enquire about one, the independent online stores don't sell them and, even more damning, the makers of the jersey, Azzurri, have an article on their website congratulating the girls but do not sell them amongst their ranges of other kit and jerseys.

To add insult to embarrassment, the much-maligned marketing effort within Wexford G.A.A. manage to produce a range of gear for sale with several different jerseys available. Oh, and the crème de la crème - if Aisling was into the big ball game she could buy a Wexford ladies' football jersey with relative ease.

Nobody is saying it's easy for camogie to hold their weight financially. Indeed, maybe a new Wexford camogie County Board position for 'Marketing' needs to be created if the current board members have too much on their plates already.

One thing is for sure - the results these players have produced on the pitch are not being fully capitalised on off it. Maybe some day Aisling will get her jersey.


Seemingly forever the ladies' game has been compared to the men. Cyril Farrell will tell us how that 'is as good as you'll see anywhere' for instance, but Pat Brady (@ Work place so is) went one further.

He tweeted 'Madrid v City almost matched the Camogie final for skill and excitement! Almost, City should take a close look at Wexford half back line!'

The problem for Manchester City is that the Wexford half-back line is not for sale! At any price. ADULT RESULTS

O'Neill's LFA Junior Cup first round: Moyne Rangers 2, Villa Celtic 0; Ferns United 3, Forth Celtic 0; Crossabeg FC 3, Ballinahown FC 0; Sheriff YC 13, Kilmore United 0; Collinstown FC 8, Fastnet Rovers 0; Evergreen FC 5, St. Joseph's, Kells Road 3; Wolfe Tone Celtic 3, Raheen FC 5; New Ross Celtic 0, Killavilla United 0 (Ross won 4-2 on penalties); St. Peter's FC Athlone 2, Tombrack United 1; North End United 10, Cloughbawn 0; All Blacks 1, FC Blanch 4; Cushinstown AFC 3, New Ross Town 3 (Town won 7-6 on penalties); Freebooters FC 4, Duncannon FC 1; Curracloe United 4, Kilmore Celtic 3; Hyde Park 3, Gorey Rangers 3 (Hyde Park won 10-9 on penalties); Killenagh Wanderers 2, Castle Rangers 4; Lorcan Celtic 1, Courtown Hibs 1 (Lorcan won 3-2 on penalties); Shelburne United w.o., Arklow United scr.; Enniscorthy Town 4, Hanover Harps 3; Spartak Dynamo 1, Shamrock Rovers 5; Park Hotspur 0, Willow Park 7; Rathangan AFC 5, Bunclody AFC 2; Bridge Rovers w.o., Ardmore Rovers scr.; Wyteleaf United w.o., Wexford Bohemians scr.; St. Pat's Phoenix 2, Gorey Celtic 0.

Division 1: Ajax Athletic 2, Enniscorthy United 1; St. Leonards 4, Wexford Celtic 0; Adamstown 3, Rosslare Rangers 2.

Division 2: North End United 5, Corach Ramblers 0; St. Cormac's 1, Stoney Rovers 6.

Division 2A: Wexford Bohs 2, New Ross Celtic 0; Rathnure 2, Rosslare Strand 3; Gorey Rangers 2, Ferns United 0.

Division 3: Forth Celtic 2, Bunclody 0; Caim United 6, Campile United 2; Fethard Rangers v. Blackwater (off); Moyne Rangers 1, Shamrock Rovers 4; Camolin Celtic 1, Orrill United 0; Rosslare Rangers 1, Bree United 6.

Division 3A: Adamstown 3, All Blacks 1; Ballindaggin 4, Gorey Rangers 0; Boolavogue 7, Wexford Celtic 0; Castledockrell 3, Gorey Celtic 3; Crossabeg 1, Ballymurn Celtic 1.

Division 4: Cloughbawn 4, Courtown Hibs 1; Ballagh 3, Rosbercon 1; Bridge Rovers 4, Oylegate 0; Curracloe United 3, Stoney Rovers 6; Park Hotspur 3, Enniscorthy Town 0; St. Leonards 2, North End United 2.

Division 4A: Ajax Athletic 1, St. Joseph's 1; Caim United 4, Rosslare Port 3; Cloughbawn 0, Kilmore United 3; Corach Ramblers 2, Wexford Bohs 6; Forth Celtic 3, Enniscorthy United 1; St. Cormac's 2, Fastnet Rovers 7.

Division 5: Ballymurn Celtic 1, Camolin Celtic 0; Castledockrell 4, Ferns United 3; Coolgreany Celtic 2, Rosbercon 8; Crossabeg 3, Taghmon United 4; Moyne Rangers 3, Tomback United 2; New Ross Celtic 5, Orrill United 0; Raheen FC 1, Oylegate 1.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 Spinglo Premier Division (11.00): Campile United v. Shamrock Rovers (D. Donovan); Courtown Hibs v. North End United (M. Hogan); Forth Celtic v. Gorey Rangers (B. Fenlon); New Ross Celtic v. Wexford Bohs (K. Dunne); Park Hotspur v. Moyne Rangers (J. O'Neill).

Spinglo Division 1 (11.00): Adamstown v. Curracloe United (M. Comiskey); Bunclody v. Bridge Rovers (P. Nolan); Ferns United v. Shamrock Rovers (N. O'Connor); Kilmore United v. Ajax Athletic (D. Ennis); Wexford Celtic v. Rosslare Rangers (S. Dunphy); Enniscorthy United v. St. Leonards (N. Boland).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2 (11.00): Cloughbawn v. St. Cormac's (J. Kelly); Gorey Celtic v. Stoney Rovers (M. Franklin); Taghmon United v. Duncannon (J. Diskin); Tombrack United v. Crossabeg (P. Rowlands); St. Joseph's v. Corach Ramblers (S. Ryan).

Noel Kehoe Pitch Development Division 2A: Enniscorthy Town v. Wexford Bohs (11.00, J. Doyle); Fastnet Rovers v. Raheen FC (11.30, R. Murphy); Ferns United v. Cushinstown (1.00, N. O'Connor); Killenagh v. Rathnure (11.00, D. Gaul); Shelburne v. Gorey Rangers (11.00, F. Sinnott); New Ross Celtic v. Rosslare Strand (1.00, K. Dunne).

Division 3: Blackwater v. Moyne Rangers (11.00, S. Kelly); Bree United v. Fethard Rangers (11.00, C. Murphy); Bunclody v. Caim United (1.00, P. Nolan); Campile United v. Camolin Celtic (1.00, D. Donovan); Forth Celtic v. Orrill United (1.00, B. Fenlon); Shamrock Rovers v. Rosslare Rangers (11.00, M. Rellis).

Division 3A: Adamstown v. Ballindaggin (1.00, J. Tobin); Ballymurn Celtic v. Coolgreany Celtic (2.00, J. Fortune); Gorey Celtic v. Gorey Rangers (1.00, M. Franklin); Wexford Celtic v. Crossabeg (1.00, M. Colfer); Boolavogue v. Enniscorthy United (11.00, W. Murphy).

Division 4: Cloughbawn v. Curracloe United (1.00, R. Dwyer); Courtown Hibs v. Bridge Rovers (1.00, M. Hogan); Enniscorthy Town v. Ballagh (1.00, J. Doyle); North End United v. Park Hotspur (11.00, B. Murphy); Oylegate v. Stoney Rovers (11.00, J. Wafer); St. Leonards v. Rosbercon (11.00, G. Jones).

Division 4A: Enniscorthy United v. Corach Ramblers (1.00, G. O'Brien); Fastnet Rovers v. Caim United (1.30, R. Murphy); Kilmore United v. Ajax Athletic (1.00, M. Kelly); Rosslare Port v. Forth Celtic (11.00, S. Vardy); Shelburne v. St. Cormac's (1.00, M. Kenny); Wexford Bohs v. Cloughbawn (11.00, E. Molloy).

Division 5: Castledockrell v. Orrill United (11.00, B. Holohan); Ferns United v. Rosbercon (3.00, A. Foley); New Ross Celtic v. Raheen FC (11.00, L. Doyle); Oylegate v. Camolin Celtic (1.00, J. Wafer); Taghmon United v. Coolgreany Celtic (1.00, J. Diskin); Tombrack United v. Crossabeg (1.00, S. Hadley).


O'Neill's LFA Youth Cup first round: Duncannon FC w.o., Ashford Rovers scr.; New Ross Celtic 6, Coolgreany Celtic 0; Crossabeg AFC 1, Gorey Celtic 3; Parkville United 3, Campile United 1; Moyne Rangers w.o., Mullingar Athletic scr.; Portlaoise AFC 1, North End United 4; Bunclody AFC 1, Kilmore United 3.

Premier Division: Shamrock Rovers 2, Wexford Youths 6; Forth Celtic 2, Cloughbawn 3. Division 1: Rosslare Rangers 1, Curracloe United 1. Division 2: Adamstown 2, Ferns United 4; Caim United 2, Wexford Celtic 6.

Division 3: Corach Ramblers 6, Rosslare Strand 0; Fethard Rangers 1, St. Leonards 2; Oylegate 4, Shelburne 1; Rathnure 8, Forth Celtic 1.

Division 4: Camolin Celtic 6, St. Cormac's 1; Courtown Hibs 2, St. Joseph's 2; Gorey Celtic 2, Killenagh 2.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Leinster Youth Cup first round (10.00): Evergreen v. Wexford Youths.


Under-11 Division 1: Courtown Hibs 3, St. Leonards 3; Gorey Rangers 4, Wexford Albion 3; North End United 2, Moyne Rangers 6; Campile United idle.

Under-11 Division 1A: Bridge Rovers 3, New Ross Celtic 1; Wexford Celtic 4, Shelbourne 4; Gorey Celtic 2, Crossabeg 3; Forth Celtic idle.

Under-11 Division 2: Bunclody 2, St. Joseph's 2; Shamrock Rovers 0, Caim United 6; St. Cormac's 4, Camolin Celtic 1; Rosslare Rangers idle.

Under-11 Division 2A: Bree United 2, Taghmon United 2; Corach Ramblers 4, Cloughbawn 1; Fethard Rangers 8, New Ross Town 2; Fastnet Rovers idle.

Under-11 Division 3: Blackwater 4, Gorey Rangers B 1; Enniscorthy Town 3, Adamstown 4; Kilmore United 3, Tombrack United 0; Oylegate 2, Curracloe 5.

Under-11 Division 3A: Gorey Celtic B 0, Ballymurn Celtic 3; New Ross Celtic B 2, Glynn-Barntown 3; St. Joseph's B 6, Wexford Celtic B 1; Wexford Albion B idle.

Under-13 S.F.A.I. Cup: Gorey Celtic 2, Wexford Albion 6.

Under-13 Division 1: Gorey Rangers 8, Moyne Rangers 2; Taghmon United 1, Courtown Hibs 0; Crossabeg and North End United idle.

Under-13 Division 2: New Ross Celtic 3, Wexford Celtic 1; Oylegate 7, Gorey Rangers B 1; St. Leonards 2, All Blacks 3; Bunclody idle.

Under-13 Division 3: Newpark United 1, Blackwater 4; Enniscorthy Town 0, Bridge Rovers 7; Bree United 6, New Ross Town 4; St. Joseph's 1, Wexford Albion B 1.

Under-15 Division 1: Gorey Rangers 9, North End United 0; Courtown Hibs 3, Wexford Albion 1; Bunclody 1, New Ross Celtic 5; Moyne Rangers idle.

Under-15 Division 2: Oylegate 3, Bree United 1; St. Cormac's 9, Kilmore United 1; Rathnure 4, All Blacks 5; Tombrack United idle.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 Under-14 Division 1 (6.00): Shelbourne United v. New Ross Celtic (K. Dunne); Wexford Albion idle.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Under-10 Group A (10.00): Wexford Celtic v. North End; Kilmore United v. All Blacks; Curracloe United v. Wexford Albion; Rosslare Strand v. Forth Celtic.

Under-10 Group B (10.00): New Ross Celtic v. New Ross Town; Stoney Rovers v. Shelbourne United; Adamstown v. Corach Ramblers; St. Leonards v. Duncannon.

Under-10 Group C (10.00): Bridge Rovers v. St. Cormac's; Moyne Rangers v. Enniscorthy Town; Crossabeg v. Glynn-Barntown; Bree United v. Rathnure United.

Under-10 Group D (10.00): St. Joseph's v. Killenagh Wanderers; Newpark United v. Bunclody; Gorey Celtic v. Gorey Rangers; Caim United v. Courtown Hibs.

S.F.A.I. Danone Under-12 Cup first round (3.00): Bunclody v. Gorey Rangers (K. Dunne).

S.F.A.I. Danone Under-12 Cup second round: Villa (Waterford) v. New Ross Celtic (10.30); Kilmacthomas (Waterford) v. Gorey Celtic (12.00).

Under-12 Division 1 (11.00): Taghmon United v. North End (J. Fortune); Shamrock Rovers, Shelbourne United and Wexford Albion all idle.

Under-12 Division 1A (1.00): Rosslare Rangers v. Ferns United (G. Morris); Kilmore United v. All Blacks; Campile United idle.

Under-12 Division 2: St. Joseph's v. Forth Celtic (11.00, J. Wafer); Killenagh Wanderers v. Duncannon (1.30, G. O'Brien); Rathnure United idle.

Under-12 Division 2A: New Ross Town v. Wexford Albion 2nd (1.00, F. Sinnott); Cloughbawn v. Caim United (11.00); Gorey Rangers 2nd v. Rosslare Strand (11.30, G. O'Brien).

Under-12 Division 3: St. Leonards v. Curracloe United (1.00, R. Dwyer); St. Cormac's v. Enniscorthy Town (11.00, B. Fenlon); Enniscorthy United v. Stoney Rovers (11.00, A. Foley); Corach Ramblers v. Camolin Celtic (1.00, L. Doyle).

S.F.A.I. Under-14 Cup first round: Gorey Rangers v. Villa, Waterford (1.30, M. Franklin); Moyne Rangers v. Courtown Hibs (P. Nolan).

S.F.A.I. Under-14 Cup second round (12.30): St. Anne's (Carlow) v. Bunclody; Carrick United (Waterford) v. Oylegate United.

Under-14 Division 1A: Ferns v. Taghmon (1.00, B. Murphy); Rosslare Rangers v. Forth Celtic (11.00, G. Morris); St. Cormac's and Gorey Celtic idle.

Under-14 Division 2: St. Leonards v. Killenagh Wanderers (2.30, M. Rellis); Duncannon v. Caim United (1.30, J. Diskin); Campile United and Shamrock Rovers idle.

Under-14 Division 2A: Curracloe United v. Wexford Celtic (11.00, J. O'Neill); Rosslare Strand v. Cloughbawn (2.00, G. Jones); Fethard Rangers v. Kilmore United (12.00, M. Rellis); Bree United idle.

Under-14 Division 3: Glynn-Barntown v. Forth Celtic 2nd (1.00, Y. O'Neill); Wexford Albion 2nd v. Camolin Celtic (2.30, D. O'Connor); New Ross Town v. Tombrack United (11.00, F. Sinnott); Moyne Rangers idle.

S.F.A.I. Under-16 Cup first round: Carrick United (Waterford) v. Courtown Hibs (2.15); Park Rangers (Waterford) v. New Ross Celtic (2.15); Moyne Rangers v. Curracloe United (Noel O'Connor); Bunclody v. Evergreen, Kilkenny (1.00, K. Dunne); Oylegate United v. Clonmel Celtic (3.00, J. O'Neill).

Under-16 Division 1 (4.30): North End v. Cloughbawn (D. Donovan); Gorey Rangers idle.

Under-16 Division 1A (2.00): Shelbourne United v. Rosslare Rangers (K. Dunne); Forth Celtic idle.

Under-16 Division 2: Fethard Rangers v. Ferns (1.00, J. Colfer); St. Cormac's v. Shamrock Rovers (12.30, B. Fenlon); Wexford Albion v. Taghmon United (11.00, N. O'Connor); Wexford Celtic idle.

Under-16 Division 2A: Duncannon v. Crossabeg 2nd (1.00, J. Tobin); Glynn-Barntown v. Moyne Rangers 2nd (11.00, M. Colfer); Gorey Rangers 2nd v. Corach Ramblers (1.00, N. Boland); Bridge Rovers idle.

Under-16 Division 3 (11.00): Camolin Celtic v. Adamstown (S. Hadley); Newpark United v. Killenagh Wanderers (J. Doyle); Tombrack United v. Caim United (W. Murphy); St. Leonards v. Rosslare Strand (R. Dwyer). SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 Under-16 Division 1A: Crossabeg v. Gorey Celtic (11.00, M. Hogan).


Premier Division: Seaview United 1 (Maebh Kehoe), Tramore FC 2 (Vanessa Ogbonna, Niamh Walsh); Adamstown 4 (Chantelle Martin 2, Niamh Kelly, Leanne Murphy), Cloughbawn 3 (Kate Cullen 2, Mary Tyrrell); Ferns United 9 (Josie Dwyer 3, Liz Evered 2, Hayley Nolan, Gemma Kehoe, Leona Breen, Rachel Collier), Coolgreany Celtic 0.

Division 1A: Killenagh Wanderers 4 (Marian Kavanagh, Isobel Naughter, Leona Masterson, Sara Killick), Wexford Celtic 1 (Nellie Walsh); Curracloe United 5 (Bridget Curran, Niamh Doyle, Amy Banville, Clara Donnelly, Noeleen Shanahan), North End United 0; Shillelagh United 2 (Fiona Byrne 2), Kilmore United 3 (Lisa Goff, Johanna Cousins, Jasmine Redmond).

Division 1B: Glen Celtic 2 (Siobhán Nolan 2), New Ross Town (Jenny Delaney 3); St. Joseph's 4 (Tracey McCormack 2, Aoife Kavanagh 2), Courtown Hibs 0; Corach Ramblers 1 (Shannon McDonald), Bunclody AFC 0.

Division 2A: All Blacks 5 (Róisín Furlong 3, Róisín Murphy, Deirdre Kenny), Cloughbawn B 3 (Joanne Kennedy 3); Moyne Rangers 1 (Ciara Tobin), Rosslare Rangers 10 (Shannon O'Brien 5, Shauna O'Byrne 4, own goal).

Division 2B: Campile United 1 (Danielle Kent), Rosslare Strand 1 (Nadine Bail); Castledockrell United 10 (Ellen Kelly 4, Caitríona Murray 2, Lisa Carroll-Doyle, Cáit Doyle, Kelly Ann Murphy, Alma Morris), Crossabeg AFC 0; Bree United 3 (Niamh Parker 2, Mary O'Gorman), Cushinstown AFC 0.


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Under-10 Premier Division: Kilmore United v. Moyne Rangers; Campile United v. Curracloe United; Ballindaggin idle.

Under-10 Division 1: Courtown Hibs v. Taghmon United; Wexford Celtic v. Bunclody AFC; Gorey Celtic v. Corach Ramblers.

Under-10 Division 2A: St. Joseph's v. Killenagh Wanderers; St. Leonards v. Shelburne; All Blacks v. Bridge Rovers.

Under-10 Division 2B: Tombrack United v. Cloughbawn; New Ross Town v. Rosslare Rangers; Enniscorthy Town idle.

Under-14 Premier Division: Kilmore United v. Curracloe United; Cloughbawn v. Bree United; Killenagh Wanderers idle.

Under-14 Division 1: Ballindaggin v. Moyne Rangers; Seaview United v. St. Joseph's; Bunclody AFC v. St. Leonards.

Under-14 Division 2A: Rathnure United v. Campile United; Gorey Celtic v. North End United; Rosslare Rangers v. Bridge Rovers.

Under-14 Division 2B: Tombrack United v. Enniscorthy Town; New Ross Town v. Wexford Celtic; Fastnet Rovers v. All Blacks.

Under-18 league: Cloughbawn v. North End United; Kilmore United v. St. Leonards.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 Premier Division (11.30): Coolgreany Celtic v. Seaview United; Benfica v. Ferns United.

Division 1A: North End United v. Killenagh Wanderers (1.00); Wexford Celtic v. Curracloe United (3.00); Enniscorthy Town v. Shillelagh United (3.00).

Division 1B: Courtown Hibs v. Glen Celtic (3.00); Forth Celtic v. Corach Ramblers (11.00); Bunclody AFC v. New Ross Town (11.00).

Division 2A (11.00): Moyne Rangers v. Tombrack United; Rosslare Rangers v. All Blacks.

Division 2B (11.00): Crossabeg AFC v. Campile United; Cushinstown v. Camolin Celtic; Rosslare Strand v. Bree United.

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