Tuesday 26 March 2019

Badminton initiative

Sinto John and Paddy Nolan, the Group A winners
Sinto John and Paddy Nolan, the Group A winners

Saturday saw the first of a new initiative from Wexford badminton aimed at promoting the game in the county.

Taghmon Badminton Club hosted this event with great success. The participants from different divisions were selected at random to partner each other.

This meant that a variety of different partnerships that one would not normally see were formed.

This made for some very interesting games. Twenty-four players participated in three groups of four teams where the partnerships with the highest points at the end of the first round went into Group A, and the partnerships with the lowest points went into Group B.

There was also a new scoring system tried out, the best of five sets with each set consisting of eleven points.

The finalists in Group A were Paddy Nolan (Taghmon) and Sinto John (Barntown) who defeated Seán Bass (Monaseed) and Martina Cogley (Taghmon).

The finalists in Group B were Shane Kehoe (Gorey) and Eimer Dunne (Taghmon) who were victors over Anthony Wadding (Monaseed) and Polly McNiven (Gorey).

Well done to all players who participated in such an interesting variation on a badminton night. All players and spectators were treated to some wonderful and close games.

A special word of thanks to Nicholas Murphy, Eimer Dunne and all at Taghmon B.C. for organising this great event.

A lot of hard work and planning went into it, and all the hard work is much appreciated.

Gorey Guardian