Friday 24 November 2017

Adamstown main movers

Simon Kondratowicz, Ellen Jones, Sophie Hendrick and Shonagh Cuddihy from Mercy School (Wexford)
Simon Kondratowicz, Ellen Jones, Sophie Hendrick and Shonagh Cuddihy from Mercy School (Wexford)

The Enniscorthy Astro Centre was noisier than the noisiest Trump rally for last Wednesday's county Wexford sportshall finals. It was all nervous energy, bravado and raucous rivalry as brightly-clad teams from throughout the county eye-balled each other and beat their chests warrior style!

Sportshall is just about the most fun children can have while still getting their daily ration of exercise. If one were to say that it involves running, throwing and jumping one would be selling the thing short.

Sportshall involves negotiating a series of activities that require fitness, agility, co-ordination and concentration.

Add team work to that list and you have the ingredients for what it takes to come out on top. 

Whatever is in the water out Adamstown way, they would appear to have all the necessary components in great abundance. They were victorious in both the younger and older girls' categories and finished third in the third/fourth class boys' group.

They then went on, unbelievably, to end up in a three-way tie for the top spot in fifth/sixth class boys with Crossabeg and Ballyhack. Following the completion of all twelve events, each team had accumulated 36 points.

This led to a 4 x 1 lap relay run-off to decide who would go to the national sportshall finals in Athlone. Adamstown and Crossabeg took off like the proverbial scalded cats and put daylight between themselves and Ballyhack.

One of the Crossabegs stumbled and the ever sure-footed Adamstown opened a gap which was never closed. 

It has become something of a cliché to say that it's the taking part and not the winning that is important.

Yet this is the bedrock upon which sportshall athletics is built.

This was a truly entertaining and enjoyable day for everyone. 

Third and fourth class girls: 1, Adamstown, 43.5 points; 2, Crossabeg, 34.5 points; 3, Ballyhack, 23 points; 4, Mercy Wexford, 22 points.

Fifth and sixth class girls: 1, Adamstown, 46 points; 2, Mercy Wexford, 28 points; 3, Crossabeg, 27 points; 4, Ballyhack, 22 points.

Third and fourth class boys: 1, Crossabeg, 39.5 points; 2, Ballyhack, 33 points; 3, Adamstown, 31.5 points; 4, Mercy Wexford, 16 points.

Fifth and sixth class boys: 1, Adamstown, 36 points; 2, Crossabeg, 36 points; 3, Ballyhack, 36 points.

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