Friday 19 January 2018

Juveniles continue to shine as league reaches its final round

Eagerness abounds at the start of the boys' Under-11 race.
Eagerness abounds at the start of the boys' Under-11 race.

TAGHMON G.A.A. grounds played host to stage five of the Wexford Juvenile winter league on Sunday last in blustery, but dry, conditions.

Once again, huge numbers of Juvenile athletes turned out for the six clubs participating in the league. The 500m circuit saw some great middle distance races, with sprint finishes in a number of the 14 races held.

Taghmon A.C. provided track stewarding and organisation and the event was run off in just an hour, with the competition well and truly being enjoyed by both the young athletes and their parents and coaches. For many of the Under-8s, it is their first taste of competition and participation is of priority as every athlete is encouraged to cross the line and indeed did so on Sunday again to huge applause from a crowded stand.

The final stage of the league and awards will be held in Ferns on February 10 at 2.30 p.m., hosted by S.B.R., with the final result being far too close to call at this stage.

Under-8 girls: 1, Sinéad O'Reilly (Menapians); 2, Orla Byrne (S.B.R.); 3, Isabel English (Adamstown); 4, Orla Roche-Kelly (Taghmon); 5, Molly O'Gorman (Taghmon); 6, Katie Doyle (S.B.R.); 7, Andrea O'Keeffe (Taghmon); 8, Shauna Holloway (S.B.R.); 9, Ciara Mooney (Adamstown); 10, Saoibh Creane (Adamstown); 11, Isabel Bawden (United Striders); 12, Amy O'Hagan (St. Paul's); 13, Aisling Roche (St. Paul's); 14, Lilly Sidney (Taghmon); 15, Aibhe Cullinane (Menapians); 16, Tara O'Grady (Menapians); 17, Maeve O'Neill (Adamstown); 18, Róisín Colfer (Adamstown); 19, Moya Corbett (United Striders); 20, Kitty Malone (United Striders).

Under-8 boys: 1, Mark Hennessy (Menapians); 2, Sam Norval (Menapians); 3, Jay Hogan (S.B.R.); 4, Daniel O'Gorman (Adamstown); 5, Darragh Moynihan (S.B.R.); 6, Darragh Breen (S.B.R.); 7, David Kirwan (S.B.R.); 8, Billy Walker (Menapians); 9, Conn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 10, Diarmuid Roche (St. Paul's); 11, Finn Kelly (United Striders); 12, Michael Harler (Adamstown); 13, Ross English (Adamstown); 14, Daniel O'Grady (Taghmon); 15, Shea Ryan (St. Paul's); 16, Ben O'Toole (Taghmon); 17, Jim Mallone (S.B.R.); 18, Charlie O'Hagan (St. Paul's); 19, Arron Maloney (Taghmon); 20, Conall Doyle (Adamstown).

Under-9 girls: 1, Ciara Murphy (United Striders); 2, Aoibhe O'Toole (Taghmon); 3, Ciara Martin (St. Paul's); 4, Eimear Halpin (Menapians); 5, Anna Doran (Taghmon); 6, Aoibhinn Mernagh (St. Paul's); 7, Ciara Keane (D.M.P.); 8, Ciara Dolan (Menapians); 9, Ciara Burke (United Striders); 10, Becky Lowney (Menapians); 11, Kelly Corbett (United Striders); 12, Ciara Doherty (Menapians); 13, Orla O'Hanlon (Taghmon).

Under-9 boys: 1, Darragh Flannelly (United Striders); 2, Aidan Shannon (United Striders); 3, Conor Doyle (S.B.R.); 4, Tadhg McDonald (Adamstown); 5, Ke Burke-Young (Menapians); 6, James Doran (Taghmon); 7, Laurence Power (Adamstown); 8, Aidan Whelan (Adamstown ); 9, Sam Hoffheinz (St. Paul's); 10, Garreth Houghton (Menapians).

Under-10 girls: 1, Aisling Kelly (Taghmon); 2, Dearbhla O'Hanlon (Taghmon); 3, Tara Cullinane (Menapians); 4, Eilish O'Rourke (S.B.R.); 5, Katie Blanches (Taghmon); 6, Danilca Gilshinan (Menapians); 7, Aoibhinn Creane (Adamstown); 8, Ella English (Adamstown); 9, Meadbh Rogers (United Striders); 10, Sinéad O'Brien (United Striders); 11, Róisín O'Neill (Adamstown); 12, Anna Ryan (St. Paul's).

Under-10 boys: 1, Joe Byrne (S.B.R.); 2, Dylan Mooney (Menapians); 3, Cormac Byrne (Adamstown); 4, Alan Mahoney (Menapians); 5, Conor Holloway (S.B.R.); 6, Conor Whelan (Adamstown); 7, Colin Stephenson (Adamstown); 8, Jack Carley (Menapians); 9, Dean Gibney (S.B.R.); 10, Jack O'Hagan (St. Paul's); 11, Conor Lyne (Menapians); 12, Chris Burke-Young (Menapians); 13, Elliott Doyle (Menapians); 14, Liam Miles (Menapians); 15, Cameron Doran (Taghmon); 16, Evan O'Grady (Taghmon); 17, Conor Phelan (United Striders).

Under-11 girls: 1, Róisín O'Reilly (Menapians); 2, Rachel Power (Adamstown); 3, Kate Jackman (Adamstown); 4, Hannah Roche-Kelly (Taghmon); 5, Liadh Dwyer (Menapians); 6, Phillipa Murphy (St. Paul's); 7, Sarah O'Gorman (Adamstown); 8, Sarah O'Donoghue (St. Paul's); 9, Ellen Goggins (D.M.P.); 10, Claudia Farcen (Menapians); 11, Muireann Hore (Taghmon); 12, Hannah Murphy (D.M.P.).

Under-11 boys: 1, Luke Byrne (Adamstown); 2, Christopher Mahon (Adamstown); 3, John Hennessy (Menapians); 4, Killian Corkery (Menapians); 5, John Crosbie (Taghmon); 6, James Hanlon (Taghmon); 7, Tim Gilhooley (Menapians); 8, Jamie Pernagallo (United Striders); 9, Seán Maher (Menapians); 10, Cian Flanagan (United Striders); 11, Ryan Kielty (United Striders); 12, David O'Gorman (Adamstown); 13, Neil Jordan (D.M.P.).

Under-12 girls: 1, Tara Doyle (Adamstown); 2, Gráinne Flannelly (United Striders); 3, Rebecca Bawden (United Striders); 4, Mairéad Creane (Adamstown) and Joanne Kelly (United Striders); 6, Sonia Mooney (Adamstown); 7, Rachel Crosbie (Taghmon); 8, Aisling O'Brien (United Striders); 9, Blathín Duignan (Menapians); 10, Bronagh O'Hanlon (Taghmon).

Under-12 boys: 1, Conor Murphy; 2, Thomas Aspell (Adamstown); 3, Eoin O'Gorman (Adamstown); 4, Ben Connolly (Menapians).

Under-13 girls: 1, Julia Dempsey (Menapians); 2, Katie Murphy (United Striders); 3, Triona Mooney (Adamstown); 4, Anna Hennessy (Menapians); 5, Emma Callaghan (United Striders); 6, Ciara Kelly (United Striders); 7, Aoife Muldoon (Adamstown); 8, Claire Murphy (Menapians); 9, Maura O'Rourke (S.B.R.); 10, Zara Power (Adamstown).

Under-13 boys: 1, Leon Nolan (Menapians); 2, Aidan Rodgers (United Striders); 3, Arron Murphy (Taghmon); 4, Pádraig Hore (Taghmon); 5, Thomas Breen (S.B.R.); 6, Jack Hayden (Menapians); 7, Conall Clancy (Menapians); 8, Joseph Hanlon (Taghmon); 9, Brian O'Gorman (Adamstown).

Under-14 girls: 1, Annalise Creane (Adamstown); 2, Hayley Bawden (United Striders).

Under-14 boys: 1, John Murphy (Menapians); 2, Luke O'Neill (Menapians); 3, Sam O'Neill (Menapians); 4, Kieran Maher (Menapians); 5, Ryan Carthy-Walsh (Adamstown); 6, Jack Power (Adamstown).

Under-15 girls: 1, Róisín Stephenson (Adamstown); 2, Cliodhna Cotter (Menapians); 3, Ciara Cullinane (Menapians).

Under-15 boys: 1, Luke McRedmond (Menapians); 2, Jordan Ryan (S.B.R.); 3, Joe Mooney (Adamstown). Under-16 girls: 1, Lisa Bolger (S.B.R.). Under-17 girls: 1, Claire Stephenson (Adamstown).

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