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This week in 2002

Enrique Inglesias
Enrique Inglesias

1 Hero Enrique Inglesias

2 Get the Party Started Pink

3 Caught in the Middle A1

4 Overprotected Britney Spears

5 Addicted to Bass Puretone

6 Always on Time Ja Rule feat. Ashanti

7 True Love Never Dies Flip & Fill feat. Kelly Llorenna

8 My Sweet Lord George Harrison

9 AM to PM Christina Milian

10 I Think I Love You Kaci

It's twelve years since its release, but 'Hero' will still be on top of many playlists this Valentine's Day. Iglesias (pictured) co-wrote the song with Paul Barry and Mark Taylor, two Brits also involved in Cher's 'Believe' and many other hits. It topped charts in countries across the globe, including Ireland, the UK and the US. The romantic ballad has a deeper meaning for many Americans as it became the soundtrack to radio and TV tributes in the wake of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. Ten days after the atrocity, Iglesias performed 'Hero' at the 'America: A Tribute To Heroes' telethon which raised over $150 million for victims of the attacks. He says it was the one moment in his career he'll always remember.

Beatle George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord' was on its way down from a second UK number one run when this chart was published in February 2002. It had been the biggest selling single of the year when first released in 1971 and was re-released in January 2002, two months after Harrison's death. In the seventies, 'My Sweet Lord' was at the centre of one of music's most famous court cases when Harrison was found guilty of plagiarising the late Ronnie Mack's song 'She's So Fine', a 1963 hit for The Chiffons.

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