Friday 23 February 2018

Riverdancers help to set a world record

TWENTY-NINE young dancers from Josephine Mahon's Kilanerin Irish Dancing Class are now world record breakers.

They were one of the largest groups of dancers to take part in the record breaking longest Riverdance line in Dublin recently. Aged from five to 18, and hailing from North Wexford and South Wicklow, they were taught the full Riverdance steps by Josephine's daughter Sarah-Mai, who is Assistant Dance Teacher with the school, and also tours with Riverdance, Ragus, and Rhythm of the Dance.

The young dancers took part in two separate challenges on the day. They danced the full Riverdance steps with the 600 dancers who did the full dance for five minutes, breaking the record for the longest Riverdance line, and then they joined in the main world record breaking dance, where people from across the world did the basic steps for five minutes, smashing the record for the most amount of dancers dancing in an unbroken line together.

'They did ten minutes,' said Josephine. 'It was very hard on them, but it was an experience they won't forget, that's for sure. It was absolutely amazing, and there was an incredible buzz.'

'It was a huge thing to be part of,' she added. 'They were seen on RTE, BBC, and TV3.'

Sarah-Mai helped train many of the dancers for the event in the Riverdance workshops beforehand, and also took part in various publicity photo shoots with Jean Butler.

She learnt most of her dancing with her mother Josephine who originally hails from The Rock, Gorey. She has toured the world with the various shows, playing in Las Vegas, Japan, and Europe, and shortly heads off to Australia and Russia.

Gorey Guardian

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