Wednesday 17 January 2018

Rainy day scuppers plans for threshing but donations still flood in for Gorey Hospital

Fintan Lambe

There's one thing about the Irish summer you can count on - that you can't count on it at all when you're organising an outdoor event.

'It never stopped raining,' said Matt Doyle, organiser of the annual vintage threshing day at Carrigbeg, Craanford. 'It was unreal. We didn't get to do any threshing at all.'

Everything was ready for action. The tents were up, and the colcannon, fresh bread, and tea were still prepared and served. The sale of sticks and other items went ahead, and many locals dropped in with donations, but the break in the weather never came, and all the team of volunteers could do was stay inside, chat, and watch the clouds.

The vintage threshing day is always incredibly well supported, and despite the lack of work done in the field, the event still managed to raise an incredible €4,350 for the Friends of Gorey District Hospital, and the money was handed over on the evening.

'You have to take your day, and take your beating as well,' said Matt, thanking all who donated or supported the event in any way.

Gorey Guardian

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