Sunday 25 February 2018

Promises a lot but delivers only a fraction

Legends of Dawn
Legends of Dawn

Legends of Dawn fails in almost every manner. This game, despite claims from the developers six months ago stating that the game was 'almost finished' - it is anything but.

Immediately upon opening the game, I noticed that the draw distance for the barely detailed grass tufts is about 10 yards away from my character. This resulted in an ugly halo effect, where the grass sprouts around your character as you move around the equally unattractive world.

While bad design choices such as this are abundant, they pale in comparison to the sheer instability of this title. For instance, clicking on the load/save buttons will, more often than not, cause the game to simply crash and require a computer restart to resume play.

There is even stories of people who have suffered overheated processors and had their PCs shut down for several minutes. This is absolutely unnacceptable for a game that is considered to be past beta stage, let alone a title that you are spending your heard-earned cash on.

Even the questing system in this game is hilariously broken that it reduces the playability of the Legends of Dawn to the bare minimum. At one point I went to the town's Lord, who casually told me to return to a fort I'd never been to, and that my father wasn't the first person to die there, even though there was nothing in the game that previously indicated my father was even dead.

One of the most particularly annoying aspects of Legends of Dawn is how it fetishises older games, twisting Legends of Dawn into a genuinely irritating title. "Read the manual!" it demands, but why? Why did the developers take the time to type a manual for a digital-only game, while choosing not to include actual effects of items as tooltips in said game?

The classic Ultima games are some of the greatest RPG titles out there, but Legends Of Dawn seems to be under the impression that what made them great was not conversation, morality, or exploration, but instead having to figure out what each color potion's effects were.

Combat is so unspectacular that it is barely noteworthy. You click on enemies repeatedly to attack them. That's literally all there is, outside of using magic. There are no special abilities or combination attacks.

This is a game that promised a lot but delivered only a fraction. Steer well clear.

Gorey Guardian

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