Thursday 22 February 2018

Ben sees red in YouTube smash

ONE ultra-competitive Wexford man has become a YouTube sensation over the past couple of weeks with a song he penned about his turbulent relationship with referees.

Ben Murphy from Blackwater has felt the wrath of the referee on numerous occasions and decided to write a song to capture his disdain for the men in black.

It was immediately picked up by website and now Ben has officially released it in a bid to raise money for RAG Ireland.

'Anyone that knows me will know I have a habit of getting sent off alright,' Ben laughed. 'I'm not the worst of them though! A lot of them would've been just stupid things, picking up two yellows in a match and things like that. On GAA Banter they've told everyone that I've been red carded 17 times. That's not really true. Some of them were two yellows and I think there were a couple of reds from soccer and rugby games included too. I think one of them was even in a basketball match!'

Ben admits that he does have a bit of a short fuse when it comes to sports and has a very competitive nature. 'Sometimes I just lose the rag on the pitch alright,' he said. 'But off the pitch I'm a completely different man, I'm not like that at all. I don't know what happens to me!'

The song originally appeared on Youtube without Ben knowing anything about it. He happened to play it one night at a session in his brother's house in Maynooth, and it ended up online where it amassed nearly 10,000 views. Then the folks at approached him and asked him if he would record it for charity.

Having written the song, Ben claims to have turned over a new leaf and says he hopes he won't be seeing red again.

'That's it, I'm a changed man now,' he laughed. 'I've done all my venting with the song and I'm changing my ways.' The song, entitled 'Ah Referee' is available to view on Youtube and to download from iTunes with all profits going to RAG Ireland.

Gorey Guardian

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