Thursday 21 November 2019

Ballygarrett in the groove with Declan

The dancers in ‘An Siolan’, Ballygarrett with dance instructor Declan Flanagan
The dancers in ‘An Siolan’, Ballygarrett with dance instructor Declan Flanagan

Cathy Lee

In full swing are the new Dancing with Declan jive and dance classes which have already proven popular in Gorey have now branched out to Ballygarrett, with weekly classes taking place in An Siolan Behind the Church in Ballygarrett village.

With a recent Monday night classes drawing in about 40 people, both men and women of every age and ability, Declan Flanagan says that there is certainly a good mix.

'We started things off in Ballygarrett with a four week course in mind, but we had to extend that as there was a lot of interest. Some of my Gorey classes tend to be bigger, so in the Ballygarrett the dancers tend to get more individual attention,' he said.

Declan explained that the class is geared for people who have never danced before but that over the space of a few weeks, that they will have the ability to turn around and teach others.

'We don't just do ballroom waltzes or quickstep, we do everything. Dancers after taking part will be able to get up and dance at any event whatsoever and have a dance prepared for every occasion. It might look difficult when you first watch it but it's just the repetition of different steps,' he said.

Declan said that dances are kept simple and to the basics, and that slowly but surely people there build confidence in their abilities.

'We are encouraging young people to take part, so it's free for anyone under 30 to come and parents who want to bring their children can do so'.

Anyone interested is welcome come along from 8 p.m. the night or call Declan 085 7089128 and classes cost €10.

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