Saturday 24 August 2019

Aslan rock the house at their Amber Springs show

Aslan’s Christy Dignam on stage at the Amber Springs Hotel
Aslan’s Christy Dignam on stage at the Amber Springs Hotel

Crowds gathered in their hundreds as the popular Dublin rock band Aslan took to the stage at the Amber Springs Hotel for a high energy show as they belted out their catalogue of hits and fan favourites.

The crowd knew every word for the classics, 'Crazy Word' and 'This Is', but their interest was kept still throughout the near two hour set and during the new generation sampling of songs such as 'Too Late For Hallelujah'.

The popular band from Finglas and Ballymun in Dublin's Northside formed in 1982, and it was clear to see that some of their early fans are still dedicated followers today.

'Crazy World' came on to the charts in the early nineties and won the Single of The Year in 1993's Hot Press Awards, and in Gorey it was performed twice during the set.

Christy Dignam on lead vocals was welcomed with open arms with loud screams from the crowd, as were band mates Joe Jewell, Billy McGuinness, Alan Downey and Rodney O'Brien.

The Gorey crowd were on hand to help that little bit with backing vocals, and the atmosphere was electric as people of all ages could see that Aslan still had the ability to thrill and entertain, being the long standing rock stars they are.

There was a level of equal appreciation between the crowd and the musicians on stage, as a sort of journey was celebrated with all present just being happy to be there.

Aslan's popular album 'Goodbye Charlie Moonhead' was released 25 years ago back in 1994, and is now back available on vinyl which is a clear sign that those songs are still the most popular today.

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