Thursday 20 June 2019

AGM hears that 30,000 people passed through Gorey Little Theatre in one year

Outgoing officers Clara Carter, Jan Cullen and Amanda Sheil at the AGM
Outgoing officers Clara Carter, Jan Cullen and Amanda Sheil at the AGM

Gorey Little Theatre held its annual general meeting which highlighted the successful and busy year of all involved and also what was enjoyed visitors.

'People are always surprised when they hear everything that happened when we run through the list as it's so busy,' said secretary Clara Carter.

'With the large number of both younger and older people coming to shows and taking part in events, there is something for everybody,' she said.

At the AGM, Michael Dunbarr was congratulated for his win at the All Ireland as well as his Lighting Award for his contribution to the drama festival.

Following an election, all officers remain the same, except for Louise Ford who is now Artistic Director.

Some highlights over the year included the one and three act festival, the pantomime, Druid theatre's Furniture as well as the drama festival.

Following the election, Nancy Byrne remains President, Jan Cullen is Chairperson, with Ann May as Vice, Clara Carter is secretary with Amanda Shiel as treasurer alongside her assistant Barbara Byrne.

PRO is Karen Dunbar, Artistic Director Louise Ford and festival secretaries are Denis Howell and Clara Carter.

Jazz Stynes, Marie Noctor, Cathy Quirke, David Pepper, Marie Collins, Veronica Lombard and Adrienne Casey make up the committee members, while trustees are Cllr Malcolm Byrne, Denis Howell, Garry Lombard, Roy Byrne, Mairéad Walker and Nancy Byrne.

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