Tuesday 24 April 2018

Too many forgetting how to cross the road safely

A FRUSTRATED reader was in touch to complain about the number of people who seem to have forgotten how to cross the road safely.

' The amount of parents of children and adults who don't know how to cross the road in Gorey is mind boggling,' he vented. 'Children playing in roads etc., and adults just walking out in the road and then looking... to top it all the parents using pushchairs!'

' They push the pushchair in the road while they wait on the pavement - just stupid!' he continued. 'People automatically think that cars see them, or cars can stop in time! I hope parents and children will learn the basics of road safety.'

We could add to that list. If you're approaching a pedestrian crossing, stop, look, listen, and don't just run out in front of an oncoming car. Make sure the driver sees you and can stop in time.

Maybe it's time to bring back Judge from Wanderly Wagon to teach us the Safe Cross Code all over again.