Saturday 17 March 2018

Virgin Media dig up wrong estate

A trench that was dug up in the Heath last week
A trench that was dug up in the Heath last week

Esther Hayden

Virgin Media dug up a Gorey estate in error last week as it laid broadband cables.

Cllr Malcolm Byrne who lives in The Heath area of Ramsgate Village and sits on the management committee for the estate that any digging work will be repaired to the highest standard. 'A difficulty arose last week when Virgin Media were attempting to put in new cables for broadband in The Heath area in Gorey. Wexford County Council had in error informed the company that all of Ramsgate Village was in the Council's charge, whereas The Heath has not yet been taken in charge.

'It was a simple mistake. There was no conspiracy and the matter has now been resolved. I have had assurances from Virgin that all digging work that is done will be repaired to a high standard and there is a written guarantee that the will also inspect in two years time to ensure the repair work remains solid. The company accepted that it needed to ensure it had to be more careful in its digging work.'

Cllr Byrne said that he was aware that one resident is opposed to bringing the superfast broadband into the estate but said' 'fast broadband is vital for many workers and will also be welcomed by the vast majority of residents. There will be some short term infrastructural work but unfortunately, this is necessary. Ramsgate Village will be the first area in Gorey to now have the fastest connection speeds in the country and I make no apologies for pushing that and will continue to support its rollout across the town.'

He added that if residents have any concerns to contact Virgin directly or to contact him also adding that can be raised through the management company.

'We will not permit any damage to the estate', he said 'but fast broadband will be a huge asset.'

Cllr Fionntán Ó Súilleabháin said he had also received assurances that the digging work would be repaired.

'I've spoken to Virgin Media Network Manager, Don Davern and have voiced residents concerns. He has apologised to residents for any misunderstanding and has given assurances to return Ramsgate Village to a higher standard than before. He has assured me that Virgin Media will be very conscious to have consultation with residents in the rest of the town's estates as they work from one estate to another throughout Gorey in a clockwise manner this year.'

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