Monday 11 December 2017

Viewing seat near cliff edge 'nothing to do with council'

The warning signs near the seat at Carnivan
The warning signs near the seat at Carnivan

THE ERECTION of a viewing bench several feet beyond large warning signs on a dangerous coastal cliff side has nothing to do with Wexford County Council as it is on private land, a spokesperson for Wexford County Council Environment section said.

The finely crafted memorial bench is located about eight feet from the dramatic cliff edge perched above the popular beach at Carnivan Bay, near Duncannon.

There are five Wexford County Council 'keep clear' warning signs approaching the bench and along the windy cliff walk.

The stainless steel bench is in close proximity to the highly dangerous cliffs overlooking the bay and is on an area of unstable cliffs and falling rocks.

The Wexford County Council spokesperson said the bench is located on private land and all the council can do is erect signs warning the public about the dangers in the area.

'It's a private property and it's a private seat. The signs are up telling people to keep away from the edge; there are dangers on the beach also and we have signs telling people to keep away from the cliff face at the bottom as there can be subsidence.'

Gorey Guardian

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