Wednesday 23 October 2019

TV3 slot for willing local solicitor Susan

Susan Murphy of MakeMyWill
Susan Murphy of MakeMyWill

Maria Pepper

Wexford solicitor Susan Murphy is due to appear on TV3 on Wednesday, February 28 to talk about the all important business of making a will. A daughter of the well-known retired solicitor and Coroner for South Wexford, Jimmy Murphy, Susan will be interviewed at 9.20 am and will host a viewers question and answer session at 10.10 am.

Susan who runs the nationwide business MakeMyWill Solicitors, will talk about the consequences of not having a will, taking people through some of the more complex family situations including second marriages, children contesting a will, etc.

She also hopes to cover inheritance tax and the importance of proper planning so that your estate doesn't end up with the Revenue. She set up the business three years ago and now works from home. Her experience of probate law showed the real problems that arise for families when there is no will.

'Most people I asked said the reason they didn't have a will was simply the hassle. No-one wants to take a day off work to go and see a solicitor about something so morbid. I saw a gap in the market and it has really taken off. I would say that roughly 70% of my clients are aged from 35 to 55 and want to put provisions in place to protect their children should anything happen', said Susan.

MakeMyWill removes the hassle as she takes her clients' instructions over the phone or on-line at a time that suits them'.

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