Sunday 18 February 2018

Threatened people with pint glass

A MAN who said he couldn't remember chasing after people and threatening to smash a pint glass in their faces at North Parade Gorey on February 2 last appeared in court to answer to charges of being intoxicated in public, disorderly conduct, threatening and abusive behaviour and failure to comply with the direction of Gardaí.

Peadar Byrne of Cloroguemore, Kiltealy, said that he couldn't remember parts of the night as he had had a lot to drink. Gardaí told the court that he had refused to move on when asked and chased people with a pint glass, threatening to 'smash it in their faces'.

He then threw the pint glass, but luckily didn't manage to hit anybody.

Judge Haughton convicted Byrne on all charges and fined him €150 for being intoxicated in public, €250 for disorderly conduct, €200 for threatening and abusive behaviour and €200 for failing to comply with Garda direction.

Gorey Guardian

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