Wednesday 24 October 2018

The Irish Wildlife Sanctuary closes after three years

Heather Cox, co-founder of the Irish Wildlife Sanctuary
Heather Cox, co-founder of the Irish Wildlife Sanctuary

Fintan Lambe

The Irish Wildlife Sanctuary which has taken in injured wild animals and exotic pets for he past three years has announced it is to close its rescue centre in Wells House and Gardens at the end of August.

In a statement last Thursday on their Facebook page, Heather Cox and Catherine Jordan announced that it was 'with sadness in our hearts that we have to announce due to unforeseen circumstances, the Irish Wildlife Sanctuary will be closing our premises at the end of August.'

The rescue centre operated out of farm buildings at Wells House and Gardens in recent years, and its rescue animals were popular with visitors.

'We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the last three years,' the statement said. 'Without your generosity we would not have been able to save as many lives as we did.'

'We would also like to thank all of our volunteers that have stood by us and helped in any way they could,' they continued. 'Our Facebook page will remain open and active and we will continue to help in any way can. As our premises is closing we are no longer able to take in any more animals from today onwards.'

They also invited people to help them to pay off their vet bills. They are now concentrating on re-homing the rescue animals.

Sabine Rosler of Wells House wished Heather and Catherine well, saying the rescue centre was a popular addition to the offering at Wells.

She said that visitors will still be able to visit the animal petting farm on site, and soon the falconry will relocate to the premises, as the facility enters a transition phase.

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