Tuesday 17 September 2019

That's the new official population of Wexford, census results show


THE POPULATION of Co. Wexford grew by 10.3 per cent in the five years between 2006 and 2011, figures released by the Central Statistics Office revealed last week.

A summary of the results of the 2011 Census was released by the CSO last week, giving details of the overall population change by county. It also examined age, marriage, households, and families, as well as including first results on nationality, foreign languages, the Irish language, religion and housing.

Further detailed reports will be released in the coming months, but for now, the 134-page document, available at, contains various insights into the make-up of the country, county by county, and should prove useful when it comes to planning for services in Co. Wexford.

The population in the Wexford constituency grew by 13,571 people in five years, rising from 131,749 in 2006 to 145,320 in 2011. There were more women than men living in Wexford, with 73,411 females, and 71,909 males in the county.

Wexford currently has five TDS. In 2006, there were 26,350 people per TD in the county. In 2011, there were 29,064 people per TD. This was on the higher end of the scale in the country.

Over half of those living in Wexford are single. This includes young people. Some 75,774 people classified themselves as single on the census form.

Of the 55,723 that were classified as married, 53,516 were in their first marriage; 388 re-married following widowhood; and 1,819 people re-married following the dissolution of a previous marriage. In addition, some 4,305 were listed as separated. This figure includes those classified as 'deserted'. Some 3,132 were listed as divorced; and 6,386 were listed as widowed.

More than half of the males of all ages living in the county, 39,239 in total, are single. Some 27,846 are married, including 26,611 on their first marriage; 231 re-married following widowhood; and 1,004 re-married following the dissolution of a previous marriage. There were 1,935 separated men, 1,387 divorced men and 1,502 widowed men in the county.

Half of the females of all ages in the county are single, a total of 36,535. Some 27,877 are married, including 26,905 on their first marriage, 157 who remarried following widowhood and 815 who remarried following the dissolution of a previous marriage. Some 2,370 females are separated, 1,745 are divorced and 4,884 are widowed.

The figures also reveal that the birth rate has continued to rise in the county. The breakdown of age groups is as follows: 0-4 years, 11,539; 5-9 years, 11,025; 10-14 years, 10,500; 1519 years, 9,026; 20-24 years, 7,799; 25-29 years, 9,629; 30-34 years, 11,172; 35-39 years, 11,089; 40-44 years, 10,815; 45-49 years 10,102; 50-54 years, 9,005; 55-59 years, 7,906; 60-64 years, 7,346; 65-69 years, 6,172; 70-74 years, 4,785; 7579 years, 3,470; 80-84 years, 2,190; 85 years and over, 1,750.

The census also revealed that in 2011, there were 52,652 private households in the county, and that 144,349 of the 145,320 people surveyed in Wexford were resident in private households on the evening of the census, and average of 2.7 people per household.

Of these private households, 52,345 were permanent households, and 307 were temporary. A total of 143,799 were living in permanent housing, while 550 were in temporary housing types.

Among the 52,345 permanent housing units, classed as private households, some 32,119 were detached houses; 11,064 were semidetached houses; and 6,454 were terraced houses. There were also 1,467 flats or apartments in purpose-built blocks; and 512 flats or apartments in a converted house or commercial building. There were also 51 bed sits, while 678 were not stated.

The figures also contained a survey of the residence types of the Irish Traveller community. The census revealed that 1,504 Irish Travellers were based in Co. Wexford, including 722 men and boys and 782 women and girls.

Some 1,498 Irish Travellers living in private households were surveyed in Co. Wexford. Of these, some 1,334 were living in permanent housing units, while 114 were in temporary housing units, and the type of housing wasn't stated in 50 cases. Outside of Dublin and Galway, Wexford had the highest number of Travellers in the country.

The census figures also reveal that 21 per cent of housing in Wexford is vacant. This included 5,840 vacant houses; 1,574 vacant flats; and 6,915 holiday homes.

The total housing stock in the county amounted to 68,143. Some 52,345 of the houses surveyed contained the usual residents of the household. A total of 235 houses contained people who were visitors only; while 1,234 were houses where the residents were temporarily absent.