Monday 20 May 2019

Start of Leaving Certificate creates mix emotions for Gorey students

Gorey Community School students Aaron O’Shea, Aisling Brady, Alex Byrne, Steise Bergin, Sinead Murphy, Des Dowling, Katie Murphy and Moira Ryan
Gorey Community School students Aaron O’Shea, Aisling Brady, Alex Byrne, Steise Bergin, Sinead Murphy, Des Dowling, Katie Murphy and Moira Ryan

Sara Gahan

While the public were making the most of the amazing 'exam weather', 1,928 Wexford students entered school examination halls on Wednesday for their first day of the Leaving Certificate with English Paper One.

The nerves seemed to have settled in Gorey for many students who left the halls after their first exam, but English created a bag of mixed emotions for some as options did not suit most people's needs.

Gorey Community School students had different reactions about their exam, especially Ethan Vickers from Gorey town who said the paper did not have great options this year.

'I did fine and it went grand, but the choices were bad,' said Ethan. 'Just hope I did enough for my Aviation course.'

Dylan Dickson from Gorey town also found the paper to create a mix of emotions, and said the topics were not as good as they were in last year's paper.

'The exam went alright for me, but the choices were terrible this year,' said Dylan, who will go on to do an apprenticeship after school.

Student Isobel Byrne from Gorey said personally she found the paper to be fine.

'I can see why some people might say it wasn't great,' said Isobel. 'Like this year there was only one option to do a speech, but thankfully that did not bother me.'

Nerves were absent for Gorey Community school student Anthony Byrne from Riverchapel who said his exam went 'pretty good' and thought the paper had a great theme to it.

'It was an uplifting theme about inspiring people,' said Anthony. 'The choices were good enough as well, hopefully enough so I can study Cyber Crime.'

Over in Creagh College, the feeling about the first day was the same as those in Gorey Community School and nerves were a lot better when they got day one done and over with.

Student Ryan Hayden from Gorey said the English exam went pretty well for him.

'There was nothing specifically that was very difficult about the exam,' said Ryan, who wishes to study programming in Carlow IT.

The exam was 50/50 for student Keelan Shaw from Enniscorthy who described his exam experience as 'not too hard, but not easy either'.

'I am all set for the next couple of weeks,' said Keelan. 'I am slightly nervous but hopeful as well.'

The first day of exams went superb for student Corey Quill from Riverchapel, who said he would like to study Game Design.

'I nailed it,' said Corey. 'The questions were easy and in my favour. I am a little bit nervous for the rest of them, but very confident now since finishing day one.'

Student Ciarna Power from Castletown said the questions were fine, and each one of them suited her.

'I am anxious to get the rest of the exams done and over with,' said Ciarna. 'I'm not looking forward to Maths at all.'

The class of 2018 have been answering long questions, writing reams and enduring the pain of hand cramps daily since the start of the Leaving certificate with English, Irish, Maths, Home Economics and Geography.

Students will finish on Friday, June 22, after exams such as History, German, French, Physics, Accounting, Applied Maths and much more with results released on Wednesday, August 15.

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