Sunday 17 November 2019

St Senan's pupils get active on climate change

Sarah Kennedy 5A, Luana Rodigues 5C and Natalie Kelly 6A were speakers at the Climate Action Day
Sarah Kennedy 5A, Luana Rodigues 5C and Natalie Kelly 6A were speakers at the Climate Action Day
Junior class at the Climate Action Day in St Senan’s Primary School

Brendan Keane

The pupils in St Senan's Primary School in Enniscorthy have taken their concerns about climate issues, literally, onto the street.

The pupils took part in an organised march recently from their school as they set about highlighting the need for action on a global level to combat negative climate change.

The school walk saw the pupils walk from St Senan's around some of their neighbouring streets carrying posters bearing messages and questions such as 'can we change or ways?' and 'save the planet'.

In some ways it was a creative and innovative event for the pupils as they also got to design their posters based around discussions that took place in the school on issues of climate change.

It was all part of Green School's third Climate Action Week initiative in which it called on children to join together and have a climate conversation.

A spokesperson for St Senan's Primary School told this newspaper that pupils from infants to 6th class participated on the day.

'The pupils gathered together to hold their own Climate Action Day march,' said the spokesperson.

'The children made posters, learned about and discussed climate change, and pledged to make their own changes,' she added.

Significantly, many of the children gave rousing, inspirational and thought-provoking speeches to their peers in which they identified solutions to problems they themselves highlighted.

The speakers included Sarah Kennedy (5A), Luana Rodigues (5C) and Natalie Kelly (6A).

'The pupils also highlighted the need for immediate action to protect their future,' said the spokesperson.

Following the speeches the pupils embarked on their march around the school grounds and surrounding areas.

The school also held a Green Code competition in which the winner was Ellie Callanan - who also spoke on the day.

All of the pupils involved were praised for the manner with which they articulated their concerns and highlighted important measures that could be implemented to bring about positive change.

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