Tuesday 23 July 2019

Special comedy night planned as tribute

The late Billy Anderson
The late Billy Anderson

A special tribute comedy night for the late Billy Anderson, who lived in Gorey, is to be held at The Workman's Club in Dublin on Friday, June 21 starting at 7pm.

Billy was known as the gentleman of comedy, and tragically died following road traffic accident in Oulart last month, while on the way to catch an American football game, another passion of his, as he coached for the Wexford Eagles.

Billy was a very popular man and following his untimely death, Irish comedians have been speaking about what Billy meant to them.

Comedian Alison Spittle said 'The only thing that lit up his face more than talking about comedy was talking about his son,' and this sentiment was echoed by comedian Emma Doran who described him as 'So kind, such a lovely warm man,' and said that he loved to talk about his son Finlay, and show off photographs of him.

Whelan's Cherry Comedy, where Billy often performed gigs paid tribute in a statement 'Don't think he knew how not to smile, he was always beaming from ear-to-ear. A pleasure to have him on our stage. He'll be missed dearly'.

Comedians that are to take part in the tribute night are Niel Delamere, Fred Cooke, Chris Kent, Jarlath Regan, Damo Clarke, Aidan Bishop, Gerry McBride, Paul Marsh, Totally Wired, Michael Mee, Simon O'Keeffe, Tom 'the bear' O'Mahoney and more.

All proceeds of the night are to be provided to his family, and the event is being organised by Linda Meehan Ashton, a friend who first met Billy in 2012.

'Billy was a warm person, he was always welcoming and had an open door. I hope that some comedians on the night will be able to share funny stories about him and for the people who come along, that it comes across to them that Billy was a great person, so happy and outgoing,' said Linda.

Linda said her fond memories of Billy are the group of comedian friends coming over to hang out and talk about comedy at his house.

Growing up in the USA, Billy was part of an underground comedy club, and even lived in the basement of the club at one stage.

'As comedians, we felt we needed this for him as a memorial. Comedy was a passion for Billy and he was into observation humour, he knew how to laugh at himself. The way I'd describe him would be like Ned Flanders, but funny,' said Linda.

Linda explained that there are other tribute nights in the works in Wexford, and further afield to Northern Ireland.

Tickets for €15.80 can be purchased online at by searching 'Billy Anderson's Craichouse', and there is also a space to donate to this cause even if you are unable to attend the event.

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