Tuesday 20 February 2018

Sheep shearers reach 6,000 target

'WE HAVE our three bags full now,' said the organisers of the golden Shears World Sheep Shearing and Wool Handling Championships, this week.

The organisers of the event, which takes place in Gorey next month, had recently launched a nationwide appeal last week for sheep that will be sheared during the World Championships.

Spokesperson Sinead Cashin said that George Graham and Michael O'Neill had put a lot of work into securing the required 6,000 sheep, and following the appeal in the national media, they reached their target. However, they're still on the lookout for more sheep as they want to have 1,000 sheep in reserve. They need ewes, aged 12 to 14 months, to ensure every competitor is supplied with a similarly shaped sheep.

They've now reached 6,600 pledges, and need just 400 more to bring the total number of 7,000 sheep available for the competition. The organisers are currently looking for trade stands to exhibit at the show, and local volunteers are also being brought on board. Tickets for the Shearing are available on

Gorey Guardian

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