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'Seedy' operation condemned

AS NEWS of the new gay B&B spread this week, members of the local gay community spoke out against what they saw as a 'seedy' side to it.

One local gay man, who asked not to be named, said he didn't like the idea of the policy of renting rooms for a few hours.

' There's no issue with gay B&Bs,' he said. 'But people will certainly turn their nose up at that sort of carry on. It's that's sort of thing that would annoy you, as it does show the gay community up in a bad light. It's a seedy kind of thing.'

'I wouldn't see it being a success,' he added. 'I can't speak for all of the gay community, but I wouldn't be in favour of it. Like any straight person, you wouldn't be in favour of it.'

He said that just as people don't want brothels in their area, they wouldn't want a facility like this beside them either.

'Gay bars and gay hotels are all good proper fun, but in terms of what this facility is promoting, I wouldn't be impressed. I'm more disgusted. It's seedy behaviour,' he continued. 'In terms of the gay community in Gorey, I don't think they will be too impressed.'

'Fine, open a gay B&B, but run it like any B&B,' he added. 'Don't make it exclusive, just make it gay-friendly.'

'Like anything, you will get people who will be into it, but to be critical of it, I don't think it's gay bashing,' he said.

'Gay B&Bs, hotels, clubs and bars are socially accepted and are good fun, but renting rooms for a few hours brings the whole tone down,' he commented. He added that men who haven't yet 'come out' will often go to Dublin where there are gay bars. 'You used to hear stories of lads going to the Phoenix Park, but that brings the whole tone down. You don't see a lot of straight people going to the Park unless they are having an affair or paying for it.'

'If it's a B&B or bar, fine, but one major thing jumping out at me is the renting of the room for a few hours. To all intents and purposes, it's a knocking shop, and there's a sleazy element to it, and the gay community is not actually like that,' he stated. 'Gay or straight, a hotel or B&B renting rooms for a few hours, you wouldn't think it was great,' he continued. ' In Dublin there are gay-friendly hotels, and they advertise themselves as such, but you can be sure they aren't renting rooms for a few hours.'

Meanwhile, Gorey GardaĆ­ said this week they have not received any complaints about the facility, but were aware of its existence.