Tuesday 25 June 2019

Riverchapel's inaugural Street Feast a huge hit

Sgt Kevin Bolger and Garda Mick Dee with Casey Lawlor and her children Molly, Abigail and Robert Ireton
Sgt Kevin Bolger and Garda Mick Dee with Casey Lawlor and her children Molly, Abigail and Robert Ireton

Cathy Lee

The community of Riverchapel came together for the Riverchapel first annual Street Feast, which saw a couple of hundred people of all ages come together to celebrate community, as well as the opening of the new playground at the Riverchapel Community Complex.

'It was a brilliant day, with a great turn out. The playground will make a tremendous difference to the children of this community,' said Cllr Robert Ireton, who opened the playground.

'It's a big catchment area for children and the playground offers a perfect facility to the parents,' added Cllr Ireton.

The opening hours for the new playground for the summer months are from 9.30 a.m. to 9 p.m., with less hours during the winter.

On the day, those who attended enjoyed live music from local bands, such as Gorey Ukes, and a demonstration from the local fire brigade, a fly over from the coast guard helicopter, and a presentation from members of the RNLI as well as more voluntary groups.

'Those voluntary services did a fantastic job and we raised nearly €2,000, as the street feast was busy all throughout the afternoon,' said Craig Lang, an organiser of the event.

'There was a fantastic turnout from the community, from local councillors to a swarm of children, and the money we raised will go towards the running of the community complex and fundraising for the community centre down the line,' said Craig Lang.

Craig explained that there is a new working group, which contains representatives from the local community, to help with the day to day running of the community complex but also imagining the possibilities for the community centre.

Looking to the future, the team hope to have some more and bigger summer events towards the end of the season as they set their minds to the community centre.

Speaking about the playground, Craig said that parents need to be vigilant and take responsibility with their children.

'There can be issues with rubbish and fires, but people need to remember that it's your own community, so take ownership of that and take due care,' he said.

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