Saturday 18 November 2017

Residents 'may take law into own hands'

Paddy Kavanagh
Paddy Kavanagh

David Medcalf

Residents of the Drumgoold area may soon 'take the law into their own hands' if gangs of teenagers continue to harass the people of the area at weekends, according to one public representative.

Locals have responded with horror to the recent stoning of the house of a man aged in his sixties in Drumgoold Villas who was abused by a crowd of at least 20 youngsters.

The attack occurred during daylight and FG councillor Paddy Kavanagh has indicated that he will support action by residents if the Gardaí are unable to protect the community.

The Drumgoold farmer stressed that he did not believe locals are responsible for most of the incidents on the Esmonde Road which include obstruction and intimidation.

He also complained that boys seeking to impress girls have been using the speed bump at Chapel Lane as a take off ramp for joy riding vehicles.

'I think the old tradition of young Travellers doing this thing called "grabbing" is out of control in the Gimont Avenue and Drumgoold area,' stated Paddy Kavanagh. 'It has gone past a joke.'

He complained that long standing promises by council officials to install a security camera at Salville Cross have gone unfulfilled for more than a year.

'It was to be last January 12 months that we were promised faithfully we would get the camera. It would help somewhat.'

He noted visitors from Waterford, Bray and Carlow among the boys and girls who arrive most Sunday afternoons, many of them ready for horse-play.

'It cannot be allowed to go on the way it is. They are coming from all over, dropped off for this courting session.'

He confirmed that residents of Drumgoold are 'looking at ways of sailing close to the wind and taking the law into their own hands.

'I would be standing beside them. The people up there feel as if they are being abandoned – they are afraid in their own homes.'

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