Monday 19 March 2018

Preserving iron framed conservatory 'priority'

n The old Castlebridge Conservatory.
n The old Castlebridge Conservatory.

Cllr. Padge Reck resumed his campaign for the preservation of the crumbling old iron framed conservatory at Castlebridge House.

'The patient is dying,' he warned, reminding council conservation officer Katriona Byrne that the structure is unique, built by a man who was neither an engineer nor an architect.

'The conservatory in full bloom is absolutely magnificent and it has the potential to be the centrepiece of the village of Castlebridge.'

Ms. Byrne reported that the building had been cleared of furniture and debris, at least allowing free access.

Meanwhile, the location of any asbestos had been identified. The councillor was worried that the focus of restoration was on the house where he felt it should be on the conservatory. The conservation officer assured him that the ironwork is the priority.

Gorey Guardian