Friday 26 April 2019

New walking track in Garden City

Local resident Jim Mulhall
Local resident Jim Mulhall
The new walking path at Garden City

Esther Hayden

A 30 year wait for a walking path and new seeding in the People's Park in Garden City came to an end last week.

Former Town Commissioner Jim Mulhall who lives in Garden City had raised the need for a path and seeding in the People's Park when he was on the former town commission in the late 1980s.

Last week his dream turned into reality when works began in the area.

Jim said he was overjoyed to see the concrete paths being laid.

'They are putting a concrete path around the outside and also doing some seeding. In addition to this they are also going to erect a gazebo which will really clean up the area.

'It's absolutely fantastic to see the works being carried out. It really is a dream come true. While I had raised the matter when I was on the town commission Cllr Malcolm Byrne has also done great work on this project as had Martin Dunbar who was a trustee of Garden City.

'The works were badly needed and now when it is complete there will be somewhere for people to sit and relax. It will really make a big visual impact in the area', said Jim.

Cllr Malcolm Byrne has described the completion of a new walking track as 'a major addition to the amenity that is the Garden City People's Park and for the local community'.

He said the work that was carried out last week will make the park more user friendly and he complimented Martin Dunbar of for his work on the initiative and the Community Section of the Council for their help.

'We have put new lights and ramps in the Garden City area and this is a positive additional development. There is always more work to be done but I committed to the residents in Garden City that we would see some improvements and these have happened.'

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