Wednesday 21 March 2018

Nearly 2,500 people commute to Dublin every day for work

Thousands commute into Dublin city from Gorey each day
Thousands commute into Dublin city from Gorey each day

Maria Pepper

Almost 2,500 people from Wexford commute to Dublin every day for work, making the model county among the top 10 feeder towns for places of employment in the capital city and suburbs.

Figures on Commuting in Ireland released by the Central Statistics Office show that 2,490 workers get up early to make the daily commute to Dublin City and suburbs every morning, returning home late in the evening after a day's employment. The county is 9th in a list of top 10 feeder towns with Fingal sending the highest number of commuters into Dublin (28,641) and Kildare in second place (28,121).

A total of 19,008 people resident in Wicklow commute into Dublin each morning. The Wexford commuters are among 130,447 non-resident employees in Dublin who travel to the city for day-time work, helping to create a Dublin working population of 512,449, an increase of 9% on the Census of 2011.

The Wexford to Dublin commuter figure is also reflected in an increase in the time that people spend travelling to work. In April 2016, 11.7% of County Wexford spent an hour or more travelling compared to 10.4% in 2011 while 4.9% had a commute of over 90 minutes, compared to 4.3% five years earlier.

There are 37,372 Wexford residents employed in the county; 3,156 people commute to the county for work; 8,447 go to work outside the county, giving a net loss of 5,291 in the working population.

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