Monday 23 October 2017

Mythen slams €12m cut to mental health budget

Cllr Johnny Mythen
Cllr Johnny Mythen

Esther Hayden

Enniscorthy's Johnny Mythen launched a scathing attack on cuts to the country's mental health budget last week.

Cllr Mythen accused Minister Leo Varadkar of 'effectively abandoning young people and the LGBT community with the €12m cut'.

'The recent disturbing CSO figures confirmed everyone's worst fears about the frighteningly high suicide rate in Wexford and is also the highest per capita in the state.

'It is disgusting and simply wrong to see over one third of the mental health budget re-allocated to other areas, because of Leo Varadkar's inability and shape shifting approach to public health. These cuts are causing severe long term damage and hardship on families whom have loved ones suffering from mental health issues especially within the young and the LGBT community.

'Many of them are cynical about politics and judging from the actions of Leo Varadkar, it's not hard to see why. There is an urgent need for all of us to recognise that mental health is a growing and serious problem in our society. Given the significant under-funding of mental health before these cuts and now we have to subtract a further €12m. This will, in harsh terms, result in more suicides, and, will significantly diminish any meaningful provision of essential services to the most vulnerable members of our families, neighbours and friends.'

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