Friday 14 December 2018

More than 500 beer cans dumped in Hollyfort village

More than 500 beer cans were dumped at the 1916 garden in Hollyfort village. Image: Gorey Guardian
More than 500 beer cans were dumped at the 1916 garden in Hollyfort village. Image: Gorey Guardian

Sara Gahan

Hollyfort Tidy Towns committee members were shocked last week as they were greeted with piles of rubbish dumped at the 1916 garden area near the River Bann in the village.

A pile of more than 500 beer cans and glass bottles were left, along with an artificial Christmas tree with decorations attached, plates, mugs, a grill with tinfoil and cooking oil still on it and lots of smashed glass.

Susan Madden, communications officer for Hollyfort Tidy Towns, said many local children often go down to the 1916 garden to go fishing at the river. Luckily, Wexford County Council quickly responded to the committees concerns and cleared the area straight away.

'The council told us not to go near it as it was deemed dangerous as we do not have the proper machinery or pickers,' said Susan.

Just 200 meters from where the dumping occurred, there is a recycling centre with industrial bins that are assigned for tins and glass.

'What amazed us was most of the items had been sorted out into recycling,' said Susan. 'But then they were just poured out and dumped.'

Susan said it was like as if someone was moving out of their house and decided to just dump everything they had packed away.

'We did try to look for an envelope with a postal address to see if we could pin-point someone,' said Susan.

When the Tidy Towns committee uploaded the pictures on their Facebook page, Susan was amazed at the reaction she got.

'We received hundreds of comments and got more than 17,000 views,' added Susan.

The Tidy Towns committee were shocked at the litter as they had put in a lot of hard work throughout the year.

Susan said they went from a derelict shell of a village to something pretty. 'We clean up every Saturday morning from March until October,' she added.

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