Monday 20 November 2017

Michael says he's seen enough crashes on the Carnew road

Michael Doyle by the wall outside his house after the most recent accident there.
Michael Doyle by the wall outside his house after the most recent accident there.

A MAN from Ballyellis has called on Wexford County Council to act before more lives are lost due to the state of the R725 between Craanford and Carnew.

Michael Doyle, whose house is situated between two bad bends, has seen a number of accidents right on his own doorstep. The most recent of those saw a woman lose control of her car and hit the stone wall outside his house. An ambulance was called and the woman was taken to hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, just a short distance away, a crash in the early hours of the recent Bank Holiday resulted in six people being taken to hospital. Just a couple of months earlier, another woman lost her life on the same stretch of road, and Michael fears that its only a matter of time before somebody else falls victim.

'I'd say on the road near my house we have at least 10 or 12 car accidents per year. I have a fence around a bit of land at the front of the house there and it's often knocked down. It wouldn't be back up long before another car would hit it and knock it down again. This time a lady hit the stone wall at the front of my house and knocked it down. I hope she's alright, but something really needs to be done about the road to prevent things incidents like this.'

Michael says that he has made numerous attempts to raise the issue with the County Council, but as of yet, not much has been done.

'I've been on to the council several times,' he said. 'But they haven't done anything to rectify the problem. They just say that they haven't got the money for it and they'll deal with it when they do.'

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