Wednesday 24 April 2019

Methodist Church celebrates the talents and faith of Cecil Riddall

Cecil Riddall
Cecil Riddall

Cathy Lee

Broadcaster Cecil Riddall celebrated his retirement from nearly 28 years as a presenter on South East Radio, at Gorey Methodist church, with a live broadcast from the church in Gorey. Cecil is well known both on the airwaves in Wexford and in the locality, and has been a longstanding member of the congregation at Gorey Methodist Church.

He is a lay preacher in Gorey, but is known more widely for his 'Sounds for Sunday' programme with Christian Media Trust, that airs early on Sunday mornings on South East Radio. Minister Katherine Kehoe said she was delighted to contacted about the broadcast, and she hoped that the listeners got to know Cecil a bit more through it, as he was interviewed about his life story, his family, his faith and his interest in radio and religion. Cecil said that his mother had a huge influence on his faith and his calling, and that he grew up as one of four boys living in Dublin. Minister Kehoe explained that Cecil has always been there for people through joy and sorrow and has become a friend to so many people throughout his years in radio. Minister Kehoe explained that a very large congregation attended and that they gathered afterwards for refreshments in the Church Hall to celebrate Cecil.

Later that evening, the church members held a Ministry of Healing Service, which Cecil also attended. Minister Nigel Sheerwood presented the service, while Lin Ryan administered the laying on of hands. Minister Kehoe said that she was 'Overwhelmed by the sense of God's presence in the church'.

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