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Lorcan fuming over foxhunting proposals

Fianna Fail foxhunting fan Cllr. Lorcan Allen has hit out at Green Party proposals to ban blood sports in Ireland, saying anyone proposing to enter government with the Greens should make their position clear on the issue.

In doing so he apparently ruled out a potential coalition between his own party and the Green Party.

'Part of their manifesto is to ban all blood sports, including fox hunting,' he said. 'I pose the question is this the policy of Fine Gael in Co. Wexford, if they are going to go into government with the Greens? If it is, I'd call on hunting fans in Co. Wexford not to vote for any party going into government with the Greens'.

'We have six packs of hounds hunting in Wexford, including the Island Hunt, Wicklow, Shillelagh, Bree, Wexford and Killinick,' he added.

'We've never had any problems from the farming community in Co. Wexford by and large.'.