Wednesday 23 January 2019

Jetski rescue in Cahore

Beach drama after alarm raised

Sara Gahan

The Irish Coast Guard has renewed an appeal for care on beaches after the Cahore inshore lifeboat was launched on Sunday afternoon. Volunteers had received a call after concerned members of the public spotted two jetskiers in difficultly close to rocks at Cahore beach.

The jetski had overturned, leaving the two men in the sea near a group of rocks. A smaller boat with two people, who were with the jetskiers, travelled out to assist but also got into difficulty.

The Rescue 116 helicopter was at Wicklow Head when the alert was received. The helicopter was sent to assist, but luckily was not needed.

Cahore Inshore Rescue Service PRO Gerry O’Loughlin said the occupants of the smaller boat eventually managed to get ashore north of Cahore beach with the two casualties, but could not return to the harbour.

‘Luckily, there were no severe injuries,’ said Gerry.

Crew members Eddie Connolly, Donal McGrath and Ron Winne travelled out and recovered the jetski. They also escorted the small boat back with its occupants.

‘If someone is in the water, the helicopter is notified straight away and sent to the scene,’ Gerry told the Gorey Guardian.

He said that there are problems with jetskis this summer. ‘They just need to have a regard for other water users,’ Gerry said.

Anyone with concerns about something they see in the water can 999 or 112 and ask for the Coast Guard.

Gorey Guardian