Thursday 23 May 2019

Investigation after clubhouse break-in

Sara Gahan

Gardaí are investigating a break-in at the clubhouse at the Showgrounds at Gorey Town Park.

The clubhouse on the Fort Road, which is under the management of Wexford County Council, was broken into some time between last Sunday from 12 noon and last Tuesday morning, when it was reported to Gardaí.

Maura Higgins, district gardener, along with another colleague, found the clubhouse door opened and lock missing on Tuesday morning. The inside was destroyed, contents of the first aid box messed with and sports gear and litter thrown everywhere.

'Information signs were pulled off the walls,' she said. 'Two soccer flag poles were broken up on the floor and an attempt was made to break into the storeroom but they just damaged the lock.'

Outside of the clubhouse, ridge tiles were also pulled off the building and smashed on the ground.

'The Gardaí were notified that Tuesday morning,' said Maura. 'We are looking for information from anyone who may have seen anything unusual at that time in the park.'

Amanda Byrne, district manager, was disgusted to hear the news and is encouraging anyone with information to come forward.

Ms Byrne said: 'It is disappointing that individuals can feel so far removed from all of that to the point where they believe wrecking a local community facility is the best use they can put their time to.'

Gorey Guardian