Monday 27 May 2019

Gorey Town Rocks feel the magic

The opening of the new well at the ‘Magic Garden’ at the Coach Road, Gorey
The opening of the new well at the ‘Magic Garden’ at the Coach Road, Gorey

Sara Gahan

Gorey Town Rocks, in partnership with Gorey Tidy Towns and Gorey Men's Shed, have taken delivery of a man-made well which has been installed at the Magic Garden on Coach Road.

The well, made by volunteers from Gorey Men's Shed, is a place for Gorey Town Rocks participants to place their small painted 'kindness rocks' or inspirational messages for other people to find.

One of the women behind the initiative is Nicole Kelly who said the launch of the new well went extremely well and it is now filled with lovely painted rocks by the many kids who took part in the open evening.

Nicole said she is very thankful to Gorey Tidy Towns who allowed them to set up the well in their Magic Garden and to Gorey Men's Shed for creating the structure.

'We wanted a place before the summer ended where people could leave their rocks for when the weather gets extremely bad,' said Nicole. 'It saves them walking around town or looking for them if it is raining.'

The Gorey Town Rocks community initiative was set up in July and involves people painting small rocks or writing little inspirational messages on them and placing them around the town for other people to find.

Nicole said the inspiration came from a similar idea in another town.

When they do find them they then have the option of keeping them, taking them or replacing them with their own decorated stones, or just leaving them in place and reading the message on them.

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