Monday 15 July 2019

Gorey Gardaí were on hand at Shannon during Trump visit

Although US President Donald Trump's visit to Ireland was met with a mixed reaction across the country, from widespread protests to widespread praise from the people of Doonbeg in county Clare, a major factor in the operation during the two day visit was security.

Members of the Defence forces and as well as 1,500 uniformed Gardaí on the ground were deployed along with 500 special unit Gardaí during Trump's stay and were based in Clare around Trump's hotel and golf course, as well as Shannon airport.

The Garda operation involved members from the Emergency Response Unit, Armed Support Unit, the Public Order Unit and the Water Unit, even involving sub aqua divers.

There were three Gorey Gardaí involved under the direction of Inspector Pat Cody, and these were garda Aidan Clarke, and sargents Stephen Ennis and Mark Donohoe, and they were joined by members of the force in Enniscorthy and Wexford.

This task was ordered by the responsibility of the South Eastern Region of public order policing.

'We were based in Shannon airport, on standby and we mainly worked night duty. Thankfully everything went off peacefully,' said Sgt Stephen Ennis.

Sgt Ennis explained that although there were plenty of sights to see in Shannon, the Gorey guards didn't see the president himself.

Although the three members were away from their posting in Gorey, Sgt Ennis said that the Gorey station was not understaffed.

'There were plenty of guards on hand while we were away, we had no problems,' he said.

Costs of the operation, where Gardaí were drafted in from western, southern, south eastern and Dublin regions to tighten security around Clare are said to be worked out when the visit is done.

Gorey Guardian