Wednesday 22 May 2019

Garden bench set on fire in Gorey Town Park is described as 'utter vandalism'

The garden bench set on fire in Gorey Town Park
The garden bench set on fire in Gorey Town Park

Sara Gahan

Fire damage, which was done to a garden bench at Gorey Town Park on Tuesday night, has been branded as 'utter vandalism'.

A concerned member of the public, who does not want to be named, said the 'younger generation' were spotted in the Park having a 'good time'.

It is believed the bench caught fire after a waste bin beside it, which has since been removed by Wexford County Council, was set a light.

'They were spotted late at night at the garden seat,' said the member of the public. 'It is utter vandalism and just scandalous. On Monday after the bank holiday weekend, there were numerous cans and bottles left lying around.'

District Manager for Gorey Municipal District Amanda Byrne said they are very disappointed that people are treating public infrastructure this way.

'That bench was used by kids and families who spent their day in the park,' said Ms Byrne. 'Now, they have nothing because it was set on fire.'

Ms Byrne added they would like to talk to anyone who may have any information about the fire. They can email or call 053 94 83800.

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