Monday 11 December 2017

Frustration for Hegarty

NORTH Wexford Fine Gael Councillor John Hegarty has expressed his frustration at the limits and boundaries imposed on candidates by his party in the run up to this year's local elections.

Fine Gael is running five candidates in the Gorey district, including two from the northern end of the district – Cllr. Hegarty, and new candidate Anthony Donohue, and this has led to the areas being divided up between them.

'It's a very different campaign this time with so many candidates,' commented Cllr. Hegarty. 'This party alone has five very credible candidates and obviously it makes sense for individuals to have different areas.'

'However, I know that most people like to meet with the various candidates, hear their plans and express their own views, complaints or compliments,' he said. 'It's the bit I enjoy most in the whole process, meeting and chatting with people, and I believe that any would-be public representative, as opposed to a local politician – and there is a difference between the two – needs to hear the views of the public they aim to represent.'

'It can be difficult to explain to some people who I would have previously called to that my no-show this time was due to a different division of areas and not by choice,' he said. 'It is a frustration I'm sure that is shared by many candidates but I do hope the people understand the situation.'

'As I said previously, anyone who allows their name to go on a ballot paper for elections deserves credit and respect and I wish all candidates the best of luck,' he concluded.

Gorey Guardian

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