Monday 15 July 2019

Fears for safety of elderly residents along Eire Street

Tommy Kenny and Willie Tubangui from Eire Street
Tommy Kenny and Willie Tubangui from Eire Street

Sara Gahan

Residents have voiced their growing concerns on the rise of anti-social behaviour in the laneway adjacent to Eire Street.

Tommy Kenny and Willie Tubangui are concerned for elderly neighbours who use the laneway to access Pettitt's SuperValu car park as a short cut into Gorey town.

Both Tommy and Willie claim that some of the older residents are nervous to walk the laneway by themselves as they feel intimidated by the crowds that gather there in the evening time.

'I have reported it to the local gardaí, but there is only so much they can do for us,' said Tommy. 'Wexford County Council could look into installing a CCTV camera to help curtail the problem.'

Tommy and Willie said there has been reports that some people who use the lane have been approached for some money or cigarettes.

'Littering is also a major problem along the laneway too,' said Tommy. 'I have seen people get card boxes to flatten out and sit down in the laneway for most of the day. They then leave all their rubbish behind when they leave.'

Willie said the problem has been ongoing for quite some time now and expressed his disgust at the littering situation.

'A neighbour of mine cleans the laneway during the day, but the next morning it is covered in wrappers, bottles and food packaging from the night before,' said Willie.

He added that the older people walk along the mucky border of the pathway in the laneway as crowds of more than 10 people block the way and don't move in to let others pass.

'I have confronted them numerous times about this and still nothing has changed,' said Willie. 'I've also reported it to gardaí.'

Willie and Tommy said it is not a nice feeling for many who use the lane on a regular basis.

Aidan Doyle, general manager of Pettitt's SuperValu Gorey, said the back lane is a concern and they are aware of the ongoing issues surrounding it.

'It is certainly not nice for some of the customers and residents who don't feel comfortable using the lane,' said Aidan. 'It has been previously reported to the local gardaí.'

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