Friday 19 January 2018

Extras told facial hair had to go for '1950s look'

Extras recruited for the current production of 'Brooklyn' under way in Enniscorthy have been transformed to make their faces fit in the movie.

With the director, John Crowley, keen to have everyone authentically 1950s for style, recruits were told that facial hair would have to go.

When they took his photograph at the audition day for would-be extras in the Riverside Park Hotel, Tom Storey had a beard and moustache. But the first thing he was asked to do when it was confirmed that they needed him was to send him to the barber to clean up his face.

'I had the 'tache for 32 years but it has gone now. I am bare-faced,' confirmed Tom from The Ballagh, who has prior experience in front of the cameras as a non-speaking extra in 'Glenroe'. Now he has been cast as a truck driver in 'Brooklyn', wearing braces and an old style jacket.

'I had the beard for 42 years,' reported Philip Rothwell from Adamstown who was also shorn, in order to take the part of an office worker. The change in his looks was such that he was practically unrecognisable as he waited in a double-breasted tweed suit to take his place in the action, with his hair firmly brylcreemed into place.

'I will probably end up on the editor's floor,' said John O'Leary, who was one of scores of people, most of them from around Wexford, ready for the 7 a.m. Monday roll call in the former Gaelscoil premises at the Ross Road. In real life well-known as an Enniscorthy solicitor, he too was cast as an office worker, but without any need to use a razor on his clean-shaven visage.

'My hair is so old-fashioned that they didn't have to do anything with it,' joked John. 'It's great to see all the buzz and there might be a tourist dividend for the town.'

Gorey Guardian

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