Friday 20 April 2018

Excitement in the air

Leah Harris and Rebecca Jordan with their Leaving cert. results at Colaiste Bride
Leah Harris and Rebecca Jordan with their Leaving cert. results at Colaiste Bride

Padraig Byrne

THERE was an atmosphere of great excitement and, for the most part, celebration at Enniscorthy's secondary schools on Wednesday morning as the class of '14 arrived to collect their all important Leaving Cert Results.

There was a wonderful buzz around the schools, as the sun was shining and most of the students seemed delighted with how they performed in the exam.

Hoping to cook up a storm in college after collecting her results in Colaiste Bríde was Rebecca Jordan from Enniscorthy. 'I'm delighted with how it went,' she said. 'I was kind of shocked that I passed Irish. I found that one tough. Now I'm hoping to go on and study bakery at DIT.'

Eleanor Bolger and Caroline Daly were similarly both wearing big smiles. 'Hopefully we'll both be heading to Dublin,' said Caroline. 'I'm hoping to do business and German and Eleanor is hoping to do Primary Teaching. I was fully convinced that I had failed Maths, so I'm delighted with how it went.'

Principal of Coláiste Bríde, Kiera O'Sullivan, said that it was a great day for the school. 'We're thrilled,' she beamed. 'Everyone seems happy, bordering on ecstatic! This is possibly one of the best years we've had in a long time. One student managed six A1s and we also had a high number with four and five A1s. It's lovely to see the hard work of the students and teachers pay off.'

It was a similar story at St Mary's CBS. 'I'm delighted with myself,' said Jesse O'Leary.

'Everything kind of went to plan and they all turned out fine. I'm hoping to go on and study computer management in Carlow, but at the moment I can't wait to go and have a few drinks to celebrate!'

It was a double celebration for Ian Curran from Blackwater, who had just passed his driving test the day before collecting his results. 'I'm very happy with it,' he said. 'I managed to get a B3 in history, which was a shock because I felt it didn't go well. I'm hoping to head off to DCU now to do Business.'

'Everyone seems to have got what they wanted on the day,' said John Ryan, principal of St Mary's CBS.

'They all seem confident that they've got the points to go on and do what they want.

'We had three students do particularly well in terms of getting As, but everyone did well. We had a higher number doing honours Maths this year and performing well in it so that was encouraging too.'

Students also stayed around laughing and joking and making plans at Enniscorthy Vocational College. 'I'm happy enough with it,' said Reece McKeown.

'It went better than I expected. I thought I had failed physics. I'm going to do a PLC course here next year and then I'm hoping to head off to Waterford to study engineering.'

Carlow was the destination of choice for Adrian Marzec. 'I'm very happy,' he said. 'I managed to pass everything anyway, that's the main thing. Now I'm hoping to go on to Carlow college to study programming.'

Deputy Principal of Enniscorthy Vocational College, Iain Wickham, said that the vast majority of students were happy with their results. 'In general I think most of the students got what they deserved from the Leaving Cert,' he said.

'We have a significant number of students going on to third level and getting around 500 points and we're improving all the time.

'Also we're unique in so far as some students will come back here next year and avail of one of our PLC courses before heading on to college, so there are a number of options open to them.'

Regardless of their differing long-term plans, all of the students were looking forward to painting the town red and celebrating the momentous occasion with family and friends on Wednesday night.

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