Monday 19 February 2018

Entrepreneurs start young

Fintan Lambe

The pupils at Bunscoil Loreto Gorey recently showed young entrepreneurial spirit when they took part in a two day BizWorld event at the school. The workshop for 10 to 13 year-olds, was facilitated by Julia McKernan of Bank of Ireland Gorey who instilled them with some entrepreneurial spirit in fun and creative ways.

The pupils were tasked with setting up businesses and assigning roles, and they then set up stands in the gym, and the fourth class pupils were given 'bizbucks' to invest in the idea they thought was best.

Julia has also facilitated workshops in St Joseph's, Gorey; Craanford; and Tara Hill. 'The ideas start out wild and crazy at first,' she said. 'I've heard everything from limos with jacuzzis, sold exclusively to world leaders, to my personal favourite, fifth class lawyers who fight for injustices among the homeless community.' The more practical ideas are then put into action.

Gorey Guardian

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