Monday 19 March 2018

'Don't pay management fees if you haven't received a service'

A senior council official has advised residents of a Rosslare Harbour estate that they should not pay management company fees if they have not received a service.

Director of Services Eamonn Hore was responding to a query from Cllr George Lawlor on behalf of residents at Portside.

'Can the Council give advice to residents who have received demands from a management company which basically did nothing for them, part from cutting grass some years back?' asked Cllr Lawlor.

The demands are for amounts of up to €800, made up of annual fees of €200 a year for up to the past four years.

'Where do these people stand in relation to this? Can the council offer any comfort to them?'

'It was a condition of planning that they would be part of a management company,' Cllr Lawlor added.

He was informed that planning authorities no longer make it a condition that residents should join a management company.

'I would advise residents not to pay any management charges if they haven't been getting a service,' said the Director of Services.

'I wouldn't be advising people to break the law but if they were not getting a service I wouldn't advise them to pay.'

Mr Hore said as soon as Wexford County Council takes Portside in charge, there will be no need for a management company.

Gorey Guardian