Sunday 25 February 2018

Dog takes bite out of election hopeful John

Cllr John O’Rourke shows off his sore finger.
Cllr John O’Rourke shows off his sore finger.

David Medcalf

Wounded Enniscorthy councillor John O'Rourke has called for pet owners to keep their animals under control during the local elections canvassing season.

The Ross Road candidate sustained a nasty hand wound after a dog snapped at his fingers while he was pushing election literature through a letterbox on Friday evening.

Caredoc was called to deal with the injury and Cllr O'Rourke sported a substantial bandage during a civic reception at the Presentation Centre later the same evening.

He said he was unable to identify the breed of his attacker, which had apparently been left to look after the house while the owner was absent.

The incident occurred in the Duffry Gate area, close to his home, and the dog did not bark when the councillor approached the door.

'It was only when I went to put in my brochure that it latched on to my finger,' he reported.

The bite, which required two stitches and a tetanus jab as well as antibiotic treatment, caused considerable pain and blood loss.

The wounded local politician revealed that this was not the first time that he had suffered from the attention of dogs during the current campaign.

On a previous occasion, the leg of his jeans was torn by a canine which attempted to bite, but which failed to break the skin, on the stomp at Boolabawn in Davidstown.

John O'Rourke said he understood that householders have every right to protect their property but also felt that they could take appropriate precautions.

Gorey Guardian

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