Sunday 24 March 2019

Creagh to hire six new teachers to meet the high demand for places

Acting principal of Creagh College Declan O'Toole
Acting principal of Creagh College Declan O'Toole

Sara Gahan

Creagh College will have to recruit additional teachers next year to meet with the unprecedented demand for places.

Speaking to this newspaper, Declan O'Toole, acting principal of Creagh College, said they initially offered 132 places for First Years in 2019 but the Board of Management increased the number of spaces to 192 due to the demand. Mr O'Toole pointed out that despite accepting 192 new students they 'still have over 50 students on a waiting list of places'.

'We have 62 students leaving the school in sixth year and 192 students coming in so that increase of 130 students should see us recruiting six additional teachers,' said Mr O'Toole.

Janet Wallace, deputy principal of Creagh College, said Creagh College is thriving because it is a safe, secure and challenging environment for girls and boys to learn and grow academically, emotionally and personally.

Mr O'Toole pointed out that they are one of only three schools in Ireland selected to offer the new Leaving Certificate PE and Leaving Certificate Computer Science subjects.

'We are also offering the new Politics and Society programme as a Leaving Certificate subject this year,' said Mr O'Toole. 'These new subjects are bringing an entirely new, modern dimension to education and are opening new avenues for the futures of Creagh College students.'

Currently, there are 673 students and 50 teaching staff in Creagh College but in 2019 that will change to 803 students and 56 teaching staff.

The staff of Creagh College are very aware of the importance of a smooth transition for prospective students from primary to secondary school. In this regard, first year students in Creagh are supported from their first day in school by peer mentors who assist them in settling into school life.

The school's comprehensive induction programme ensures all new students settle-in quickly into a happy, caring and respectful atmosphere where all students can achieve their full potential.

It is through the delivery of a quality education service coupled with a strong emphasis on pastoral care and positive discipline that makes Creagh College a school where students are effectively learning, growing and thriving.

Mr. O'Toole paid tribute to the dedicated and energetic teachers who adopt a student-centred approach to education. This ensures that each individual student's needs are catered for in the school. They believe in empowering and equipping students to achieve their potential whatever their aptitude.

There is a vast range of after-school activities in which all students are encouraged to participate. The school is committed to the development and care of each and every person in the school community, where respect for one another is held in the highest regard.

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