Monday 20 November 2017

Creagh College crew move into new home

Having an after-school child minding service would alleviate some of the stresses involved in childcare
Having an after-school child minding service would alleviate some of the stresses involved in childcare

Fintan Lambe

SINCE it opened its doors three years ago, the building which was home to Creagh College rapidly began to fill up, as new pupils arrived each year.

Work soon began on a permanent home for Creagh College, a 1,000 pupil secondary school building on an adjoining site, and last week, the 260 students and their teachers moved into their new home.

The smaller building that they left was designed as a primary school, and in September, the pupils of St Joseph's NS in Gorey will make it their new home.

Whereas the temporary home had grown slightly small for Creagh College, the opposite now applies, as less than half of the new school building is currently being used by the staff and students at Creagh College.

The school now has first, second, and third years, and in June, Creagh College will host its first Junior Cert exams.

For Principal Paul Glynn and his team, it's been a busy few weeks, as they had to move everything to the new building. 'It all went very well,' he said, 'The students helped out a lot, and the staff did incredible work.'

In all, some 207 removal crates were needed for materials, while a significant amount of furniture also had to be moved across. 'We began the move before the holidays, and did a lot of work during the holidays,' said Paul. 'We then brought the students in one year at a time after Easter, starting with the third years.'

The students are now enjoying the wide range of facilities at the new school, including the impressive gym. They'll have to wait until September though to use the playing fields, as the grass will have to be given time before sports can be played on it.

'It's full steam ahead from here,' said Paul. 'We're using approximately 25 teaching spaces, less than half the capacity of the building. It's surprisingly quiet once the students go to class.

'The chaos of the move has been time consuming, and there are a lot of things to catch up on, so the hard work is only beginning,' he concluded.

Gorey Guardian

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