Tuesday 23 July 2019

Courtown woman runs a total of 1,825K as part of New Year's resolution

Nicky Deacon from Courtown who completed a 5K run everyday in 2018
Nicky Deacon from Courtown who completed a 5K run everyday in 2018
Nicky Deacon with the group after completing her last 5k

Sara Gahan

A woman from Courtown has clocked up an incredible 1,825km running in 2018 - which is the equivalent of running from County Wexford to Milan in Italy!

Nicky Deacon managed the impressive total by getting out and running 5km once a day for 365 days in 2018, and she is showing no sign of slowing down for 2019.

There were double celebrations on New Year's Eve in Courtown Harbour when Nicky finished her final 5K run for the year.

The lover of running said it came about after she made a New Year's Resolution heading into 2018 to run 5K everyday until the end of the year.

For her last run of the year, a crowd of 30 people all gathered in Courtown Harbour at the Christmas tree to join in on her amazing achievement.

'It was lovely to see all these people come with me on the 5K run,' said Nicky. 'It was a fun and social evening and we ran through the woods and back.'

Nicky, who is currently in her third year of nursing in UCD, began running in 2014 after giving up horse riding.

'I don't know how I came to start running, but I remember it was way easier than horse riding,' said Nicky. 'All I had to do was throw on shorts and go, whereas with a horse it was much more hard work.'

She said she has completed 21 marathons to date with most being done in Ireland. Nicky has raised the bar high for 2019 and hopes to complete three marathons - one in Gran Canary, one in Italy and then Dublin City marathon.

'I am going to try and do a 5K everyday for 2019 as well, well hopefully,' said Nicky. 'I have done one up until now so might as well try and keep it going. It's hard to let go of something you absolutely love.'

The student nurse said she is very lucky to live in Courtown as it is filled with beautiful trails and has gorgeous scenic routes to run along. She completed most of her routes in and around Courtown and described it being as nice as the weather.

'I see many people walking along the Courtown Road and would say to myself if you walked for a few minutes further you will see the lovely beaches and woodland walks in Courtown,' she added.

During the year of running, Nicky even got her husband into running as well.

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