Friday 24 May 2019

Courtown needs a plan for action for summer 2019

Sara Gahan

A plan of action needs to be put in place for next summer after Courtown Harbour was left in a right state this year, according to Cllr Robbie Ireton at last week's Gorey Municipal District meeting.

'It was soul destroying to see Courtown being left the way it was after all the illegal encampment over the summer,' said Cllr Ireton. 'We need a plan of action in place if this happens again incase we get a summer like that again.'

The dry, hot summer attracted large crowds of people to Courtown, some camping illegally on the Burrow Road. Cllr Ireton said they had no toilets, showers, bins, so everything and anything was just dumped in the area.

'They had fires lighting down the Burrow Road and have burned the grass, it is soul destroying to see because we put a lot of hard work into the area to get it ready for tourists,' said Cllr Ireton. 'We need to push for a plan because there is no point bringing tourists when it is like that.'

Gorey Guardian